Hot vs Not: Your Spirit Hood Makes You Look Like a Turd

Really? Can the whole Spirit Hood trend at music festivals just die already? They’re cute on kiddies, but not adults. We’ve already shared our despise for these dorky getups, but they still seem to continue. No, it’s not fuckin’ cool, yes you look like a turd and yes, it’s 100 degrees out and your head stinks like a bum’s dingleberry.


Spirit Hoods suck - Outside Lands Photos

Spirit Hoods suck - Outside Lands Photos

Spirit Hoods suck - Outside Lands Photos

Photos by Ben Irwin (taken at Outside Lands 2011)

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13 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Your Spirit Hood Makes You Look Like a Turd

  1. Fuck you stupid bitch

    You’re just a grumpy cunt. You bitch about stuff for no fucking reason. Like jesus christ let people do what they want to do and wear what they want to wear.

    I Bet you dress like shit anyway. You think you’re all that? You need to judge people on their self expression?

    If you don’t like how someone looks, that’s absolutely fine. But don’t be a fucking shitty person and make judgments about who they are. That is so shallow and superficial. Guess what? People have different tastes. It doesn’t make them stupid or douchey – it just makes them different. YOU are the one who is douchey. Jump off a high bridge if you’re gonna keep this fucking attitude. There are so many major problems in the world, and you have to sit here and spend time shit talking about the way people dress? Calling people a turd? Are you actually a four year old?

  2. Jess

    What is it about spirithoods that some people hate SO much? They’re fluffy, they’re warm, they look awesome, they have ears, what’s so bad about them? I own two and if I was financially blessed I’d own about 50.

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  4. Keefer S

    I wear one in the winter and its the best hat I own. I made it myself so I didn’t have to shell out 130 bucks.

    Also, whenever I go to concerts I have beautiful women with me, rubbing against my hood, and grabbing my ass.

    Call it NOT if you will, but mine’s damn comfy and I love having gorgeous women on E petting me.

  5. Bernadette Ignacio

    Well, you tell me…does it feel plush to be on the bad side of a Mama Bear? And you’re absolutely right, the whole commentary doesn’t make sense to me at all.

    This weak spirited section would only make sense to people who don’t listen or speak well…RIGHT?!? Only a party animal would get it, so stop writing about us. And if you do, all we’d have to say back is ROOOOOOAAAAAAAAWWWR!!!

    We’ll keep NOT while ya’ll keep HOT and bothered about it.



    P.s Thanks for trying to spell, BUT thanks anyway…keep it to yourself if you don’t have anything nice to say.

  6. JP

    People should cop a Grassroots California hat instead. Those are HOTTER.

    I’ll support my spirit hood wearing festival goers. When the sun goes down, that warmth and those fuzzy pockets are money.

  7. Sandy Post author

    Ooooh, we made mama bear mad. What are you a plushy? Like, really? You clearly don’t understand our Hot vs. Not section. Bu thanks for your two cents anyhow.

  8. Bernadette Ignacio

    Really?…First, can we stop the whole trend using the word really to address something? Second, cute pulled off by an adult is far better than fuckin’ cool, and if that’s what you’re looking for don’t look in the mirror (unless you’re wearing a spirithood hat). Yes it was 100 degrees when you took this picture, but if you weren’t a dingleberry dorky turd, you would’ve stuck it out until the end when the hat was perfect for keeping sweaty, dance heads warm and toasty. Lastly, sharing your despise obviously isn’t worth doing again because you’ve had to reiterate your grimy (not good) opinion.


    Big Sexy Bitch Mama Bear*

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