Upon a first quick listen of Jacuzzi Boys’ new album Glazin, released on August 29 on Hardly Art Records, I thought oh great, just another garage band. Upon my second, third and fourth listen I realized what a jump-to-conclusions dumbass I had been. It soon became apparent that it was a power-pop garage psych diamond in the rough!

The South Florida trio waste no time luring you in with the handclap-along goodness of “Vizcaya” which goes straight for the gut with its infectious garage groove. “Automatic Jail” brings a wall of full force power pop buzz n’ fuzz sounds, claiming its stake as my favorite song on the album. “I got such high hopes, me without you, I just can’t cope, hit the right notes and I…will…never…go.”  End of summer jam for your cutie? Check!

Title track “Glazin’” is all head shake and pogo friendly, striking a sweet balance between 50s courtship sentiments but with a clear cut 60s psych rock tone. Holy wail guitar and surf drums Batman! The band claims there is no concrete definition for “Glazin“” more of an up to your own interpretation slang term. “Glazin’” is blazin’ in my opinion and I can dig it, yet whether it catches on and is the next “foshizzle” or not, well take a listen and decide for your self.

“Cool Vapors” is the perfect jam on a hot day. So glad that along with my three fans and four boxes of Popsicles I had the poppy oh oh’s to keep me positive while I sweated my non-existent balls off during our most recent L.A. heat wave. The album takes a quick vacation away from the upbeat pop and wades through the slower tempo, heavy rock glades of raunchiness and distortion, which is welcome with tracks “Silver Sphere (Death Dream)” and “Zepellin.”  Minus some reliance on woah oh’s and oh oh’s for song filler there’s no denying that they’ve got the goods. The album ends on a high note with cruise worthy “Los Angeles” and the romantic spaced out “Koo Koo With You.”

This album maintains a sweet, lo-fi feeling but without being a mess, nor sacrificing good sound quality (Yes, you can understand the lyrics!).  The band recorded it at Key Club Studios in Benton, Harbor, MI this time around to focus on higher production value compared to 2009’s No Seasons album and it shows. To me, “Glazin” is a not so obvious gem of an album that may just put South Florida on the map.

Get Glazin’ with Jacuzzi Boys when they hit Blue Star Bar in downtown L.A. on Saturday, Oct. 1!

Album Review by Emily Saex

Artist: Jacuzzi Boys
Album: Glazin’
Record Label: Hardly Art
Release Date: August 29, 2011

Listen to Jacuzzi Boys’ “Cool Vapors” here.