Electronic music is on the rise and even though Oakland-native MiMOSA has been on the scene for a while, the L.A. transplant producer/artist is currently making waves as he furthers his electronic image. Poised as “one of the best new artists” of the year, he’s already played at some massive events such as Electric Zoo, Coachella, and more.

This past March MiMOSA (aka Tigran) headlined his first North American tour and dropped his debut LP, Sanctuary. But this album isn’t filled with that pop-dance blend that has taken over airwaves, instead it provides an eclectic fusion of a variety of electronic genres any true enthusiast or newcomer will definitely appreciate.

The talented music-maker has many considering the album might be dupstep if they had to choose a particular genre, but MiMOSA’s music isn’t that easy to categorize since the producer likes to really screw around with various sounds, including some hip-hop, two-step, moombahton, downtempo, crunk-step and trip-hop. The end result is a 12-track album packed with hard-hitting beats and snazzy synths that will rattle your brain.

The opening title-track “Sanctuary” has a very hip-hop feel to it with its Timberland-like voice loops, and rhythmic upbeat tempo of the 808 drum kit used throughout the album that’ll have you nodding your head in unison. But it’s not until “Last Night in Town” where you can really hear and feel the influence of that hip-hop-defined 808 drum kit. Its scattered beats reminiscent of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” interlaced 50 Cent-like vocals from his “In Da Club,” then covered with pulsating tempos — create quite a head banging track.

MiMOSA extends his hip-hop sampling fun on songs like “Starseed” and “Way Back to You,” that have ambient interludes, filtered vocals and in-your-face bass. The last jam, “Rose Water,” is a bit different than previous tracks in that it sort of flutters around with its scattered beats that make for a romantic electronic lullaby. The beats are softer, and whimsical synths provide for an enjoyable close to the album.

Sanctuary isn’t that obnoxious electronic music you’ll find on dance floors, but a downtempo album filled with easy listening tracks you’ll be able to groove to in your car while stuck in traffic or at the office as you work. Each track provides just the right dose of bass and beats so that you’re not overwhelmed by its intensity. MiMOSA doesn’t follow traditional norms to his music, which makes his creations unique and highly pleasurable whether or not you’re a huge fan of electronic music or someone who just appreciates good music.

Words: Kristie Bertucci

Artist: MiMOSA
Album: Sanctuary
Label: False Idol Musik
Release Date: October 25, 2011