Hot vs Not: Is the Booty Nice Dough?

Um, WOW. This photo … For the first time, we are speechless! There is just so much going on in this photo! Do you see the finger-to-the-corn hole? Help us out with a caption in a comment below and we’ll hook the best caption up with tickets to a show of your choice from our promo calendar!

Photo submitted by Gina Burciaga via a girls trip to San Diego (these were not her girls).

If you have some wild photos you’d like to submit to Grimy Goods’ Hot vs Not, send them here! Just choose the “general” department and select “contribute.” Bam!



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11 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Is the Booty Nice Dough?

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  2. phil

    Everyone needs a helping hand…. Our staff at Wavehouse of San Diego is here to help you find the right plumbing fixtures, pinpoint blockage, open an occlusion and save your bottom line!

  3. Allyson

    I didn’t know the Weather Girls were still around! Must still be waiting for it to start “Rainin Men”.

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