Hot vs Not: Girls that Crowd Surf

Clutching her purse and all, this cute little nugget surfs the crowd. Who’s down with girls crowd surfing at punk shows? Especially, when they’re not chicks you have to question if they’re a dude or not — it makes the accidental booty grabs all the more exciting. We give this one a “hot” — cute, ballsy, fashionable and the fact that she’s “clutching” a purser is hilarious because that shit ain’t easy. Maybe she didn’t notice her purse wasn’t actually a clutch and that there’s a handle she could have held on to. Regardless, she made it to photo pit safety.

FYF 2011, in case you were wondering.

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5 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Girls that Crowd Surf

  1. Mark

    Erik is the one in this conversation who should be angering people. Either that or we should tap into his imagination for all the things he’s able to figure out from this photo. Or hell, maybe he’s got a crystal ball. Or, more likely, he’s just another loser looking for attention by saying imflamatory stuff on the internet.

  2. Erik


    Unlikely. She’s clearly too busy looking for a dick to suck based on her facial expression. No time for that beggar to be choosy and kicking guys!

  3. Erik

    I’d punch that hooker right in the baby maker if she tried to surf over me. Or I’d fireman carry her chubby ass to the nearest port-a-potty and toss her in it.

    “You’re blocking my view, you waste of space!!”

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