Coachella Poser Music Fans Get Called Out on Jimmy Kimmel – Lie Witness News

This is exactly why veteran Coachella fans and REAL music fans hate attending Coachella, because of the annoying posers and/or novelty fans. Get da fuck outta here, seriously.

Jimmy Kimmel caught some of these Coachella posers live in the act, pretending as though they are so informed with obscure, underground bands. And of course these posers are wearing flowered wreaths around their heads; Father John Misty had an on-stage Coachella rant about these type of girls and he wasn’t happy. Click here to check out what he said.

Now, watch Jimmy Kimmel Live’s hilarious segment “Lie Witness News – Coachella 2013” and let us know how you feel about these posers in a comment below.

P.S. Staged or not, this is at least 50 percent of the Coachella population. Truth in satire.

Coachella Poser Music Fans Get Called Out on Jimmy Kimmel – Lie Witness News

13 thoughts on “Coachella Poser Music Fans Get Called Out on Jimmy Kimmel – Lie Witness News

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  3. Ryan

    This video is awesome and this comment thread is almost just as awesome. Word to Sandy! Haters gonna hate. Keep doing your grimy good thing becuse we love it. More music blogs need balls these days….

  4. Sandy Post author

    @P. (Dedos Perdidos) – What’s so over-the-top about my reply to a comment that was clearly not harmless. If anyone’s gonna call me or my staff out, they better have their facts straight before making assumptions such as: “I do find it a tad ironic that you refer to “Father John Misty” as if that is a person’s name (its a band name).” I clearly stated the facts in my defense and I don’t see anything wrong with that. If you interpret that any other way, that’s just too bad for you and maybe you should get some tougher skin when reading this blog or start your own blog from scratch. I don’t sugar-coat shit, I don’t believe in being boring like some blogs and not speaking up, or just agreeing with everything and ass-kissing. I like compelling content that fires opinion such as this post did. Grimy Goods is an open forum, I welcome all different opinions and fire back when I have the time such as today; but do your research and get your facts straight before calling us out. And next time you quote me, copy and paste verbatim, it’s really not that hard — because I never said, “We liked them before they were hip.” I was merely quoting Brett’s comment with “hip.” Scroll down and see for yourself.

    P.S. Thank you for contributing to my traffic today and this thread.

  5. P.

    @Sandy – Whoa! That was such an over-the-top reply to a harmless remark. And this whole, “We liked them before they were hip” argument is so unbelievably lame. What is this, high school? Does anyone really give a shit if you were the first person to like a band. Good music is good music and will find its audience, whether you were there when they wrote the song, or were the last person to hear them strum a chord.

  6. joe

    i think if you are having a festival that you charge admission to you shouldn’t be such a dick about people paying to see you perform. i think the real “posers” are these marginally talented bands that have an attitude about their fans. they would “sell out” in a second if they could. everyone at coachella is a poser. bands, fans and consession stands. all posers.

  7. Sandy Post author

    @Brett – he actually prefers to go by that name, it’s his stage moniker. I do find it a tad lame that you’re trying to call us out, but I’m not surprised, readers sometimes TRY to do that. Maybe you should listen to the lyrics in “Every Man Needs a Companion” – “I never liked the name Joshua/I got tired of J” — hence Father John Misty. Duh.

    And just for the record, we’ve been fans of J, Josh, Father John Misty, or whatever the fuck you want to call him, since before he was “hip.” In fact, we loved him as J. Tillman when no one even new about him as a solo musician. Read our review from 2010.

  8. Brett

    Pitiful. People will say anything to appear hip.

    I do find it a tad ironic that you refer to “Father John Misty” as if that is a person’s name (its a band name).

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