Hot vs. Not: Men That Wear Pink — Part Deux


The color pink, and men that wear pink, seems to be the reoccurring theme across our Hot vs Nots this week. We’re really sorry if we’ve caused any pain to your eyes or if we ruined your vision with this current Hot vs. Not photo. Please don’t ask what those knee pads are for …

So, who w(h)ore it better? The pink ensemble on this guy, or the flashy dude above?

Thanks, Melissa Stern for submitting this amazingly beautiful photo, it’s just drooping with love.

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One thought on “Hot vs. Not: Men That Wear Pink — Part Deux

  1. bear

    So uncool. He’s a friend of mine. A nice guy and a true individual. You should be applauding him for his true punk rock spirit instead of ridiculing him on your blog. Shame on you and Melissa Stern.

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