5 FREE Ways to Keep Cool this Summer (Inspired by Al Bundy / Married with Children)

5 ways to keep cool in the summer

Summer is here and she’s ready to melt your hearts, Los Angeles. Southern California is on high alert for excessive heat warnings. So if you live anywhere near the valley or the devil’s armpit, the Inland Empire — get ready for some serious misery if you have no air conditioning. The heat wave will begin this Friday morning as early as 10 a.m., and it won’t let up until Sunday night. But don’t you fear, Grimy Goods has cooked up some free (and ghetto ways) for you to keep cool during this heat wave and the entire summer. Just don’t overstay your welcome in the same spot.

5 FREE Ways to Keep Cool This Summer in Los Angeles!

1. Mooch the Air Con – If you’re too cheap or can not afford air conditioning at the moment, make like the Bundy’s and chill in a super market. Preferably, Gelsons or Whole Foods where you can really rile up the rich and famous. We also recommend spending a few hours in a local coffee shop. The Bourgeois Pig in Franklin Village and the Silver Lake Coffee Co. both keep their rooms very nice and cool. And if you get kicked out of either of the two options for overstaying your welcome, head over to your local library and pop a squat next to your favorite bum.

2. Invade the Pool Scene – There are plenty of hotels and apartment complexes with pools in L.A. Although most hotel pools are not free, some are if you’re savvy enough. But if you’re not, we highly recommend buying one beer so you can spend the day at the pool of your choice. We like the Standard and the Roosevelt. Be sure to pack a flask if you wanna keep it cheap! Otherwise, lurk outside of a local East Side apartment complex and cruise on into their pool. If anyone asks, just tell them you’re visiting your grandma.

3. Bus it to the Beach – When all else fails, the beach is always free! Carpool with a friend or take the bus and spend the whole day relaxing and cooling off at the beach. Santa Monica is nice — Venice is grimy, but full of soul — and Malibu is real pretty with a lot more secluded and less inhabited beach options. Pack your lunch, beverages and sunscreen, and enjoy the sea breeze.

4. Get Naked – If you’re too lazy due to heat exhaustion and don’t have the energy to leave your home, you mind as well peel off all your clothes and cruise around naked in the comfort of your own home. If you get real hot, pack ziplock bags of ice and lay them all over you body (wrists, neck and ankles), tune on some tunes, and relax on your bed or floor.

5. Build O’ Pool – This is another option for those that don’t like to venture out. Fill your bathtub with cold water and just chill. If you have $10 to spend, purchase a kiddie pool at Big Lots, fill it up with water and just chill. Al Bundy was okay with it, and he’s the man. You can also take a cold shower when your body starts to overheat and switch between option 4 and 5 and repeat. Or make like these kids did, they seem to be having a nice refreshing time.

Enjoy the heat wave!

Words: Sandra Burciaga

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