Hot vs Not: Australian Men

Australian men are known for being rugged, manly, aggressive, and very good looking (especially the surfers). American women love them, however, not every Aussie is all of the aforementioned. In fact, some look like they popped straight out of Middle America. Take this guy below; we ran into him while on a trip to Melbourne. Mullet, fucked up cut, Chester-the-molester stache — this Aussie isn’t what comes to mind when women envision “Australian men.”

Are Australians hot?

Now, on the other hand …

Hot Aussies

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One thought on “Hot vs Not: Australian Men

  1. Kayla

    just FYI – the two men in the second picture – not Australians…. – Corbin and Callum… are actually born and raised New Zealanders simply on vacay.

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