FYF Fest 2013 Photos & Review with My Bloody Valentine, Les Savy Fav and More!

fyf fest 2013 photos

Um, don’t know if you heard, but My Bloody Valentine crushed FYF Fest! Take that literally! As the headlining set and festival closer of the 10th anniversary of FYF Fest, My Bloody Valentine was so thunderous, that they blew out the sound system at the Carrie stage, not once — not twice — but three times. As it was the final hour of FYF, and all the muscles in my body had seriously become victim of music festival exhaustion, I happily took a seat backstage on top of some equipment chests that were nestled side stage, and fully allowed My Bloody Valentine to swallow me whole.

In a state of euphoria, not even the earplugs stuck in the crannies of my ears could tame the emotional force that was My Bloody Valentine. It’s shocking how such an intense and deafening band can put you in a state of total relaxation. After about five songs of aural bliss, I ventured out front to join the crowd and watch the entire stage production. As the psychedelic and out-of-focus projections kept fans under a catatonic state of tunnel-vision, My Bloody Valentine’s sound had numerous bodies moving to their own tempo and mindful trips. It was stunning seeing fans from all ends of the spectrum, dance or stare the night away into the endless depths of My Bloody Valentine. To match their no-photo-pit-photography rule, the projections on the big screen kept facial images of the band at a constant blur. We really couldn’t see what the band was feeling through any facial close-ups. I did however, love the close-up on Blinda’s sleek black stilettos.

solange photos fyf

Before racing my way to catch My Bloody Valentine, I had caught a bit of hipster Beyonce, also known as Solange. The girl’s got some fun style and decent pipes, but she’s definitely the diet Pepsi compared to the robust original that is Beyonce.

Also headlining a stage at the same time, were Les Savy Fav. By far a solid FYF highlight. Front man Tim Harrington brought the weird out and he brought it out loud and proud. Fashioned in fluorescent Dashiki of a sort, which led to a shimmery silver spandex spaceman unitard, Harrington later stripped down to his skibbies, where all we could see were a pair of glowing white legs and some American Apparel butt-huggers. Taking the usual front-man crowd surfing moment, Harrington blew everyone out of the water when he decided to surf the crowd using a ladder as a surfboard. Les Savy Fav reign supreme when it comes to art-punk stage presence.

Les savy fav photos fyf

Upon arriving to FYF, the fine folks in the Sailor Jerry Airstream, which was secluded backstage in the artist compound, had been coaxing me since day one of FYF to get a free tattoo by the renowned artist, Oliver Pecker. I was jumping from stage-to-stage on Saturday, and didn’t have enough time to squeeze a session in, not to mention I hadn’t been inked in eight years. That sweet pain was now a foreign feeling to me, but was I really going to pass up on this awesome opportunity to have an FYF memory etched in my skin forever, nonetheless created by Oliver Pecker? You bet your shit-kickers I got my tattoo yesterday. It’s a cute lil anchor, isn’t it? Thanks to the lovely Dana Dynamite for making it happen, quick style!

Other awesome amenities that were offered to VIP tickets holders, were professional barber cuts presented by Sailor Jerry and Layrite via the one-and-only, Czar the Butcher. Just look at how dapper this guy came out after trimming his mop!

Back to the music — while I did enjoy the fine amenities FYF had to offer, as well as the many tasty food trucks (especially those delicious sandwiches by the Mangler), I spent most of my time listening to and watching the live acts Sunday had to offer. As the sun was setting over the Los Angeles State Historic Park, Yo La Tengo performed a most charming set. It was the kind of live show you’d want to experience with a significant other — you know — cuddling and shit.

yo la tengo photos fyf

As always, Beach House was another canoodling set with their gorgeous love songs and tender melodies, the duo blasted through the speakers sounding as mint as their albums. I took their set all in from afar and just enjoyed the moment on a cozy couch. It was perfect.

MGMT photos fyf

MGMT quickly took the main stage after Beach House, and although I dig their bubbly debut record, Oracular Spectacular, none of their other songs do it for me. At one point MGMT sounded like they were lip-synching, or had some vocal tracking done for their “live” show … I dunno … As a special guest, Henry Winkler (the Fonz from Happy Days) came out to join MGMT for a special song; I didn’t quite understand that moment. But I’m sure the many Happy Days fans in a crowd that averages 18-24 years of age, were sure stoked and familiar about the special guest … no. Hipsters were confused, very confused. “Who is Henry Winkler?”

MGMT photos fyf

Oh, but can we please go back to My Bloody Valentine … without a doubt, that was the FYF highlight from Sunday. Other standout performances included: the Orwells, Mac DeMarco, Guards, CHK CHK CHK !!!, Chelsea Wolfe, No Age, Glasser, and more. You can check out our photo gallery of all the aforementioned bands below, along with photos of YOU! The fans that make all these amazing musical moments happen.

Touche, FYF! 2013 ran like a champion. We look forward to 2014. Check out our FYF Fest 2013 photos below!


Glasser live photos fyf|

Guards live photos fyf

GUARDS live photos fyf

Les Savy Fav photos fyf

fyf fest 2013 photos

Mac DeMarco photos fyf

fyf fest 2013 photos

no age photos fyf

fyf fest 2013 photos

Solange fyf photos

Touche Amore photos fyf

Touche amore photos fyf

fyf fest 2013 photos


Words: Sandra Burciaga

Photography: Monique Hernandez

From photos of the bands and fans at FYF FEST 2013, click through our photo gallery below! 

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