Hot vs Not: Tryhards

There comes a point when people are just trying too hard for the silliest things, hence the term “tryhard.” We don’t know exactly what these two are tyrharding for though: to be unique, to attract stares and attention from others, or maybe they actually think their fashion ensembles are truly haute and forthcoming. I dunno, you tell us …

terrible fashion


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8 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Tryhards

  1. Johnny

    LEBXICAN LMFAOOO hey dumb bitch just to clarify for you, no one ever said the overalls were a boho trend. Also how can I be a trend clown if “overalls are never trending” xD lol. Learn to read your own comments. One is a street wear look, the overalls since you couldn’t tell. (; And one is a boho chic look. And as for that butch bitch Sandy, how you trying to act like you weren’t being a cunt, when you called me an attention seeker and said I need to learn how to spell. And then you wanna be like “rock on” to seem like your not being rude. that’s grade school insults momma. Step it up. If you gonna come for a bitch do it. I don’t mind but don’t act like you posted this to be nice X). And also start a discussion? Bitch nobodies here don’t act like you got readers! LMFAOOO

    P.S. LEBXICAN waiting on those memes 😉 make me insta famous~

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  3. lebxican

    oh and people took their picture because they look like trend clowns and are perfect for meme creation.

  4. johnny

    Actually I wrote all of the blogs and magazines down that took my photo that day and not one of those photographers stated that they were taking a photo for a “grimygoods” blog. That’s s fact. You do not have my consent.

  5. Sandy Post author

    Hey, Johnny Bee — my photographers don’t need to lie and say such ridiculous things such as they’re shooting for “new york in-style magazine” — perhaps it was one of the “7-8” other photographers that requested your photos …. don’t fake the funk, homie. Attention seekers love jumping into ANY camera.

    P.S. Learn proper grammar and spelling.

    P.P.S. Sorry you got butt hurt. I’m surprised you put all that time into leaving a comment, but thanks for your time. That is afterall the purpose of blog posts: to open a pubic forum for discussion with conflicting opinions. Love you and keep on rockin’ that funky fashion, you shining diamond you.

  6. johnny

    1. make a valid point or You need to STFU v
    2. To begin with its pathetic that your photographers need to lie and say there taking photos for new york in-style magazine when its for your insignificant blog, not to even mention the illegal aspects of the matter.
    3.TRYHARDING? can you please email me a definitior of this word? I can use context clues however and come to the conclusion that your obviously a jealous baby, because the Gucci belt is worth more than your life.
    4. Its sad how you can’t guess the style, which in turn brings up the question, is your opinion valid as a critic? Any good critic could at LEAST assume the style image or statement any outfit was going for on any single person, so for you not to be able to do the very least, you have no right to even speak. Plus you named Dolly Parton as a fashion icon, enough said on that point.
    5. Let me explain the outfits for you, since it’s obviously beyond your comprehension, exhibit A on the left is a fashion forward display of a classic BOHO look in white because it was the weekend before labor day, which also explains the white mesh tank top in exhibit B which is OBVIOUSLY more of a street style look, and if you knew literally anything about fashion you would have known that overalls were trending in summer.
    6. It also shows your poor taste in fashion seeing as though we were asked to get our photos taken at least 7-8 while also making it as the cover photo for FYF’S faces in the crowd slideshow, (taken by a LEGITIMATE photographer) which further proves your faux pas in the fashion world. (if you’d like my opinion since you so readily give yours you should probably take the whole fashion tab off of your website and stick to music or whatever you THINK you do best bit is clearly not fashion.
    7.I would really like to know what looks like the outfits are trying hard or silly, one Outfit has 6 accessories and the other has 8, maybe if you tried to pull any one of these two looks YOU would have to TRY REALLY HARD, but in fact these outfits were super comfy easily put together and coordinated, and manageable for traversing the FYF grounds.
    8.Now this next fact might come as a surprise to you, but people actually like to dress up look trendy cute and fashion forward when going to FYF for not only is it a musical event, it has many vendors, and divinely dressed people there, sorry if you were not one of them.
    8.And just to wrap up, ripping you a new Asshole, do not speak upon things of which you do not know because then you just end up looking ignorant.
    Your Welcome.

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