Hot vs Not: Control Top Pantyhose

It’s the fall season and the weather has become more brisk. As temperatures drop, we gotta improvise our summer wardrobes a bit to keep us warm and fuzzy. Fall and winter also calls for pale legs. Pale legs are kinda gross … so what solves both of those problems? Leggings, tights, and panythose. Ladies, if you’re going to wear panythose under your summer short-shorts or mini-skirts — to keep warm and/or appear tan — please don’t choose control top pantyhose. You can totally see where the “control” ends on your thighs. Get something seamless!

pantyhose legs

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3 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Control Top Pantyhose

  1. Karen

    why are you guys always telling women what they can and can not wear its weird lets see the shit you wear

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