American Apparel’s Period Shirt is Stupid (and Gross)

Since their inception, American Apparel have always be on the prowl for attention and sort of gave themselves a soft porn image which was not widely accepted with their early D.I.Y. photography and former online porn models. Although American Apparel are now far from their D.I.Y. days, they still cry for attention. Their latest “period t-shirt” is just straight up stupid, and gross. I’m sure some feminists will see it as “art” and “liberation”, and some grimy garage punk will find it hilarious and will surely where it on stage (which would actually be funny).

I love American Apparel for their overpriced quality basics that I gladly (and shamefully) purchase, but not for this gimmicky-crap-fashion. You can purchase the Ardorous X American Apparel Period Power washed tee for a whole $32 (if you wish).

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