Hot vs Not: Hipster Fashion Beards

Before hot hipster-esque models such as Rick “Fuckin;” Hall and Luke Ditella made the very big manly beard something of a fashion statement, there were just regular dudes with beards. Although we love admiring all of Rick’s and Luke’s photos via Instagram, and we can’t deny how damn sexy they are — the difference is — there’s dudes with beards and then there’s dudes with fancy fashion beards.

While in Prague for the Mystic Cup skateboarding competition (2006), we met this crazy bearded man below. As you can see he’s not a model, nor a hipster, and his untamed beard is probably something he’s been growing way before it became trendy. Stoned out of his mind, he even uses his beard as a cigarette holder.

bearded cigarette holder

And then below, we have the leader of the fashionable hipster beard movement: Rick Hall … we’re certainly not complaining .

Rick Hall Model bearded man

And then there’s this … we can really go on-and-on-and-on … or you can just see more Rick pics here.

Rick Hall model beard naked

Photo: Leonardo Corredor

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One thought on “Hot vs Not: Hipster Fashion Beards

  1. Joey

    Thing is, this tattooed beard model vogue is approaching its due date. It’s just another spin on a familiar motif – the mid-20s/early 30s guy with a swimmer’s build, a bit of body scruff, and (in this latest incarnation) heavy tattoos and a long beard (and long hair, in contrast to the popular CK-model crewcuts of yesteryear). But as you said, it’s a fashion beard, and an optional one at that. These guys look even better without them, to go by their pre-beard pics (especially Ricki). So once this saturation of beardliness starts to die out – soonish, as all trends have an average lifespan of about 5 years – the model thing will still be kicking around, just more, erm, non-neanderthal looking.

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