Hot vs Not: Music Festival Amateurs

Passing out a music festival only three hours after doors is not fuckin’ cool. In fact it’s very amateur. This kid at Rock The Bells got what he asked for since his T-shirt read, “Punish Me.” Remember kids, as festival season creeps on us again this April/May with Coachella, it’s not a race, it’s a marathon muther fuckers! Pace yourselves when drinking under the sun and always hydrate between booze.

* Please note, this guys was okay. He was just dehydrated and out cold for five minutes. However, when I ran into him a couple hours later, the dumbass had no recollection of his black-out-pass-out. I said, “Dude, I’m glad you’re okay.” He looked at me as though I were a leper and said, “What are you talking about?”

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6 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Music Festival Amateurs

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  2. Val

    Oh quit your crying you trolling bitches. Does a paparazzi need a release to shoot a photo of a celeb in public? NO. Does anyone need a release to shoot a photo of whomever in public? NO. Get educated on public photos and the fact that you can pretty much post anything on the internet. Have you ever seen TMZ or VICE’s dos and donts? You’re probably all the same commenter judging by the continuous ALL CAPS. On a positive note, keep ruling Grimy Goods! And keep delivering these epic hot or nots. We look forward to them every week along with the music intel.

  3. Illegal

    So you took a picture of him without asking permission? And even if you did, clearly he was not in the proper mindset to accurately answer your question.

  4. lame

    So nice of you to post a photo of some random dude struggling. I’m sure he is stoked. Also sure you got the necessary release.

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