Hot vs Not: Descendents Ugly Christmas Sweater

Descendents Ugly Christmas Sweater photo

Ugly Christmas sweater season is upon on us! As you go out and shop for your perfect ugly Christmas sweater for that themed drunk fest at your friend’s house, a lot of metal bands have been creating some of their own ugly christmas sweaters, but they come at a hefty price. Last year Slayer released their $80 Slayer Christmas jumper, followed by Metallica with their $75 scary holiday sweater. This year, a slew of metal bands (Atilla, Dying Fetus, etc.) jumped on the ugly Christmas sweater bandwagon, but were smarter and made them affordable.

The best ugly Christmas band sweater however, comes from one of our all-time favorite punks bands, the Descendents. It’s the most affordable sweater ringing in at $25 and it features the cover of their 1982 release, Milo Goes to College. Milo is disguised as Santa, of course. The Descendents holiday sweater will be released on Monday, Dec. 2, but you can pre-order it now. We highly recommend the pre-order as it’s sure to sell out at this affordable price.

This is definitely a “HOT.”


descendents band photo
Photo: Monique Hernandez for Grimy Goods

Click here for photos of the Descendents at Coachella!

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3 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Descendents Ugly Christmas Sweater

  1. crystin

    As a longtime Decendents fan I was excited to buy this, but heads up that it’s a faux sweater. It’s actually a sweatshirt with silk screening on it. Disappointing, but still pretty cool. I guess that explains why it’s so affordable.

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