PHOTOS: Criminal Hygiene kicks off the first night of their Echo residency with a bang!

criminal hygiene photos

This past Monday, local L.A. act, Criminal Hygiene kicked off the first night of their Echo residency with support from fellow hellions — GRMLN, The Mystery Lights, and LA Font. We had covered Criminal Hygiene numerous times this past year opening up for punk bands such as the Orwells and Hunx and his Punx. It was nice to see them in the forefront serving up a rambunctious slice of rock ‘n’ roll.  From wild punk songs to toned down rock numbers, Criminal Hygiene put on a very fun show. The highlight was their super long extended cover of “Down By the River”.  It involved some epic battling guitar solos and a whole lot of rocking and rolling.

Opening up for Criminal Hygiene were the Mystery Lights and they absolutely shredded. From Salinas, Ca. (wherever that is), the Mystery Lights delivered that 60s classic rock ‘n’ blues sound with a ferocious stage presence. The dudes can jam and they did a pretty damn good job of filling up the Echo at such an early time slot. Following the Mystery Lights’ set were the pop-punkish sounds of GRMLN. The room had cleared out a bit after the Mystery Lights’ set. I guess none of the crowd was into pogo-ing, because that’s the kind of moving (dancing) I’d imagine at a packed GRMLN show. Once Criminal Hygiene hit the stage the room began to fill up. Unfortunately, we had to leave after their set and missed out on LA Font.

We highly recommend you check out one of Criminal Hygiene’s next three Monday night residencies at the Echo. Expect a wild show and do it as soon as possible. Who knows, after this past Monday’s performance Criminal Hygiene just might end up “dead, homeless, or in jail by the end of January”.


Check out our photos below of Criminal Hygiene, the Mystery Lights and GRMLN!

Photography: Ceethreedom


criminal hygiene photos

criminal hygiene photos


~ GRMLN ~ 

GRMLN photos

GRMLN photos



the mystery lights photo

the mystery lights photos


For more photos of Criminal Hygiene, the Mystery Lights and GRMLN, click through our photo gallery below!

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