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While most kids in high school are listening to whatever catchy tunes the Clear Channel stations (KISSFM, KROQ, etc.) are pumping out on the airwaves — there’s always that unique bunch of teens that go against the grain in regards to music listening habits and discovery. Yesterday, L.A.’s Cherry Glazerr released their debut album, Haxel Princess (Burger Records). The three-piece band led by songwriter/guitarist Clementine Creevy also produce catchy songs, just as catchy as the crap your hear on the radio — only their tunes are all their own with unusual lyrics about eating grilled cheese sandwiches, attending shows at the local D.I.Y music venue The Smell, and even songs about being teased in school. Due in part to their young ages of 16 and 17, Cherry Glazerr’s songs are all so relative and something we’ve all experienced in our youth, and even more nostalgic for those of us that were actually raised in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

Aside from their honest lyrics, Cherry Glazerr have an enticing sound. The band blends the sultry sounds of lo-fi dream pop with punk and have created an album that runs at about 25 minutes. I found myself listening to all 10 tracks on repeat. Once Haxel Princess ran its course, I immediately went to play it all over again, and again, and again. It wasn’t because I felt cheated with just 25 minutes of music, it was because these songs are truly catchy as hell and they kind of just suck you in. You want to listen to them again because the lyrics are entertaining and with each rotation, you hear Clementine say something you didn’t hear the first time around, which usually results in a smile.

While Cherry Glazerr may not be grazing the Clear Channel empire just yet, these little gals (and boy) are doing pretty well for themselves. Their spooky sounding “Trick or Treat Dancefloor” has become the band’s most familiar song, having been featured in a campaign for iconic fashion label Saint Laurent as well as in the television show Arrow; however, we wouldn’t say that’s our favorite song on the album.

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“White’s Not My Color This Evening” — Hands down, this is the best song off Haxel Princess. I may be a little biased since I lean towards all things punk with rivetting bass lines, but this song is absolutely bold, it rattles your bones, and it’s not like any other Cherry Glazerr song. The band gets real punk on this track and I LOVE it. It brings in a nice variety to the record as a whole.

“Grilled Cheese” – There is nothing complex about this catchy song and its sheer simplicity is one of the reasons why I love it. Not to mention, Clementine’s cute and sultry voice makes the act of eating a grilled cheese quite attractive.


INTERESTING TIDBIT: Cherry Glazerr’s tiny drummer, Hannah Uribe is actually one little fireball of energy and totally strong. In a past Grimy T.V. interview with the band, Hannah told us a funny story where she once picked up Clementine over her shoulders and up a flight of stairs. Super Girl!

Feb. 14 at the Smell — Click here for tickets

Cherry Glazerr’s new album Haxel Princess was released yesterday (Jan. 14th) via Burger Records. You can download or stream it below.

Words: Sandra Burciaga

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