Hot vs Not: Plushies

Why is it that people always feel the need to dress like a total dork at music festivals? I mean, we get it at Burning Man, but what is it that brings the goofiest fashion out of music festival-goers. San Francisco tends to have the most outlandish festival dorks, while L.A. is just full of hipsters and fashionistas. The photo below was shot at a music festival in San Francisco (of course). Perhaps he moonlights as a plushy and felt the need to let his furry fetish flag fly at this festival. We’re just happy he’s not wearing the matching bottoms with a crusty crotch hole.

furries plushies photos


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4 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Plushies

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  2. Stephen Chen

    Why exactly do you care? So being an LA “style” publication means being judgemental and douchey about what other people choose to do and wear? Take your snark and shove it.

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