Hot vs Not: White Girl Twerkin’ with Chinese Character Tattoos

Oh, dear. Where to begin on this one?


If you were a a rebellious teen of the 90s, you probably have some questionable tattoos on your body today, but even back then it was just straight up lame to get Chinese characters tattooed to your limbs. I know some tattoo artist that refuse to ink people with them! First off, the dorks that get these tats usually have no idea what the characters mean, and they have no ties to Chinese culture (and they’re probably from Illinois or some other Midwestern state). In fact, they’ve probably never even been to China, nor could they name its capital. Sure, this all an assumption on my part, but I mean c’mon, how bright do you think these people (and this girl in particular) are?

white girl twerk chinese tattoosvs

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