Pharrell’s Hat At The GRAMMYs — Fashion Faux Pas

Aye yo, Pharrell! Why you gotta bite everyone’s style (Smokey The Bear, Arby’s, Outside Lands Ranger Dave, Dudley Do Right)!?

Of all the artists and bands at The GRAMMYS, the real winner winner of the evening was Pharrell’s hat. If there was an award for the biggest fashion faux pas, Pharrell would have taken the gold. Even though the talented singer-songwriter-producer extraordinaire usually has exceptional fashion and style, today was not his day. We will say however, that red vintage Adidas warm-up jacket was some fresh shit! But the Arby’s hat, not so much. That thing was twice the size of his tiny face! But at the end of the day, Pharrell could have been wearing a bowl of spaghetti on his head and it still wouldn’t have mattered — that boy just scooped up a grip of GRAMMYS!

Pharrell was at the top of our recent BEST DRESSED MEN IN HIP HOP AND R&B list. We’ll let this little mishap slide this time, because the dude is normally on point with the fashion.

pharrells hat grammys photo

Pharrell’s Hat:

pharrell's hat the grammys photos


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