Hot vs Not: Taking photos at shows with your iPad

Worst concert habits? Annoying behaviour at concerts? Call it what you will, but some people have some atrocious tendencies when attending a live concert. They seem to forget that there are others around them who are equally (if not more) trying to enjoy the performance. A while back we wrote an article titled, “Concert Etiquette – 13 Lame Things You Should NOT Do at a Show” — which reminds me, we need to update this list for 2014 — among the most annoying concert habits were chatty cathys, social media whores, etc., but what’s probably the most prevalent annoying thing you can do at a show these days is bust out your gigantour iPad or tablet and proceed to take photos. Oh, and you’re not just taking one photo, you’re without shame holding that massive tablet above your head for five minutes (plus) trying to get the perfect set of photos. Not only do you look like a dingus, but you’re blocking everyone’s view and totally killing the vibe. Do yourself and us a favor, invest in a small camera or iPhone and take a quick photo with that next time, or I just might bump into you really hard (on purpose).

The photo below was taken at a recent Fitz & the Tantrums’ GRAMMY performance at the Conga Room in Downtown Los Angeles.

ipads tablets at concerts

Click here to read our article: “Concert Etiquette – 13 Lame Things You Should NOT Do at a Show.”

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