Hot vs Not: Are fanny packs fashionable?

In terms of fashion, the millennium has been all about reviving yesteryear. From highwaisted jeans to flared out bell bottoms, you’ll find people wearing threads from just about every decade, especially the 70s and 80s here in East Hollywood. One thing that always seemed nerdy was the fanny pack. Whether you wore a fluorescent green fanny pack in the 80s or your overweight aunt still wears one to this day, fanny packs are not fashionable; they are however, functional. With that said we’ve seen a myriad of fashionable fanny packs worn by hair dressers, set artists, runners, and even your hipster festival-goer as seen in the photo below. I guess this gal honestly prefers a fanny pack over a purse, but somthing is also telling me she’s doing it for fashion.

fanny packs fashion photos

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