Woman Crush Wednesday: Patti Smith — the godmother of punk

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It wasn’t until reading Please Kill Me that I totally fell in love with Patti Smith. Sure, her songwriting and poetry is what turned me on to this amazing woman, but the punk bible that is Please Kill Me is what revealed her early growth and early persona, and what fully made me appreciate her even more.

The Godmother of punk, Patti Smith has come a long way from lurking in the doorways at the infamous Max’s Kansas City, with her then sidekick Sam Shepard back when punk mattered. Smith is a phenomenal woman: she is a poet, an artist, a singer, a songwriter, a revolutionary — and she can even throw down flows with some of the best beat poets. I can go on-and-on about how great she is, or how kick-ass her first album Horses is, or even how sick her free summer shows at the Santa Monica Pier were, but I won’t. I will say you need to watch her documentary “Patti Smith: Dream of Life, to fully understand why this woman is so great and is our Woman Crush Wednesday feature.

Shot over 11 years by renowned fashion photographer Steven Sebring, Patti Smith: Dream of Life is an intimate portrait of the legendary rocker, poet and artist. You can stream the documentary below.


Patti Smith, The Godmother of Punk Rocks the Theatre at Ace

Vintage Gold: Watch this classic footage of Patti Smith performing “Because The Night”

Patti Smith – Santa Monica Pier 2009

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