12 Best Iconic Mens’ Vintage Leather Jackets

If you’re still trying to figure out what to get that special someone this year for Christmas, you can never go wrong with a stylish and warm leather jacket for the winter season. And what better way to don a stylish leather than with a classic vintage inspired fit.

There once was a time when leather jackets were made for the use of fighting a war. There once was a time when only “bad boys” and rebels without a cause wore leather jackets. From bikers, greasers, to punks — the leather jacket is now just your average household item, now word by the cast of those Real Housewives Of shows. As skateboarding once was a rebellious, looked-down-upon-by-society sport—leather jackets—especially biker leather jackets once had the same stigma. Well, that’s clearly out the door now, because biker leathers are now totally mainstream. But let’s not forget the iconic men who made the leather jacket what it is today. And to think it all started in 1913 in a Lower East Side apartment basement with the Schott brothers.

12. Michael Jackson
Don’t even begin to act like you did not want this jacket the moment you saw the video for “Beat It” back in 1982. A very modified (and bedazzled) cut from the cafe racer biker jacket, you gotta admit this was all the rage in the 80s.

Micheal jackson red leather jacket beat it


11. The Twilight Zone’s Motorcycle Gang
By far the coolest episode of the Twilight Zone. “Black Leather Jackets” from 1964 featured a trio of leathered up riders who were actually aliens and living in a very vanilla suburban American neighborhood.

TWilight zone leather jacket gang


10. Keith Richards
Not quite the infamous Schott “Perfecto” cut, but to this day, Keith still rocks a leather jacket.

keith richards leather jacket


9. Elvis
Kick starting the rebellion of rock ‘n’ roll and turning preppy girls into horny bad girls, Elvis was rocking a leather motorcycle jacket back in the late 50s, along with a Harley.

Elvis motorcycle leather jacket


8. Sid Vicious
Making the Schott biker jacket popular in the ’77 punk scene, Sid Vicious insulted the Queen while wearing Schott’s new model, the 118.

sid-vicious-leather jacket

7. Lemmy
Just like Satan is a pro at evil, Lemmy is a pro of leather and rock ‘n’ roll.


lemmy motorcycle leather jacket 1982


6. Iggy Pop
Made by John Dove and Molly White in 1971, Iggy Pop’s “Raw Power” leather jacket was quite the flamboyant leather. I’m sure a lot of ladies wish it was a part of their wardrobe.

iggy pop leather jacket raw power


5. Peter Fonda
1969’s “Easy Rider” not only made Harley Davidson choppers popular (especially today), but it also made this cafe racer-style biker jacket very popular. However, you won’t see too many people riding around with the exact same racing stripes and big American flag on the back.

Easy rider leather jacket


4. The Ramones
Hands down, the Ramones are THE punk band that made the Schott “Perfecto” biker jacket a fashion staple of the punk scene. Still to this day, kids are sporting the same cut.

The Ramones schott perfecto leather jackets


3. Steve McQueen
Every male hipster covets the ultra-cool style of Steve McQueen. The A-2 Bomber Jacket was most functional during the the Second World War, but McQueen is the man that made it cool.

steve-mcqueen vintage leather jacket bomber


2. James Dean
Almost 60 years after the release of Rebel Without A Cause”, James Dean is still the ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold, and just about every girls’ dream man.

James Dean vintage leather jacket


1. Marlon Brando
But wait, let’s not forget who started the whole bad boy biker leather jacket thing. It was the late and great, Marlon Brando and his role in 1953’s “The Wild One”. The film was inspired by the notorious 1947 Boozefighters Motorcycle Club (BFMC) brawl in Hollister, CA.

marlon brando leather jacket the wild one


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