SXSW Edition of Lie Witness News by the indie prankster, Jimmy Kimmel

The indie music prankster, Jimmy Kimmel is at it again. He did it at Coachella, he did it at Rock The Bells, and now Kimmel has taken his hilarious “Lie Witness News” music segment to SXSW. Edited or not (or acted), but it does appear to be real this time — check out the morons he interviews.

“People who come to music festivals pride themselves on knowing who the new acts are even if they don’t actually know who the new acts are.” We can’t wait to see Contact Dermatitis, Neil Patrick Harassment, What The Fuck Bruce Jenner, Will Nelson Mandela, and DJ Heavy Flow. Flow’s new album, the Toxic Shock Experience is next level, bruh!

Take a look at our SXSW photos gallery from Tuesday featuring hot bands and hot babes!

Check out photos from Together Pangea’s insane SXW show — kissing, dancing, beer everywhere!

Watch Deap Vally show SXSW how it’s done in L.A.!

SXSW Favorite: La Femme — the most stylish of French surf pop blended with darkwave electro.

A lot of fashion and style to go with your music at SXSW. Check it out!

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