Hot vs Not: Flowered wreaths at Coachella

Last year At Coachella 2013, Father John Misty made fun of the kind of girls that wear flowered wreaths around their heads at Coachella. Even with his complaints, even with Jimmy Kimmel’s shaming and even with our own Coachella fashion do’s and don’ts — these posers still wear their played-out flowered wreaths to Coachella.

PHOTOS: Day One of Coachella 2014

On Friday During Title Fight’s 2013 Coachella performance, the pit got ripe with punk action. We can’t help but laugh at the photos below. It pretty much paints the perfect picture of the flowered-wreath-at-music-festivals stigma.

If you’re wearing a stupid flowered wreath at Coachella and you’re in the front lines of a punk show such as Title Fight, you will get kicked in the head.

coachella 2014 photos


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