Though her set started about five minutes late and also included a three-minute music video of sorts, once young Brit rocker Kate Nash got things going Friday early evening at Coachella, she hardly looked back.

Her set at the Gobi tent kicked off with her fast-paced punk tribute “Sister” and mixed in a couple of her well-known hits from her studio debut Made of Bricks, made from when she was a teen. Nash is a master of all aspects when it comes to putting on a show and also personalized the experience for a handful of lucky participants. Nash jumped down off the stage and onto the floor midway through a song and was bombared by uncontrollable fans. After her song, Nash delivered a couple of kisses to the foreheads of her adorers and then later brought the girls from the VIP section onto the stage as she covered FIDLAR’s “Cocaine”, changing the name to “Grrl Gang”. It certainly made her some new fans and friends on Friday.

Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photo above via the Hollywood Reporter.