Empire of the Sun storms Coachella with sensational showmanship

empire of the sun coachella photos

Those that were still tripping off their psychedelics when they wandered into the Sahara tent at around 10 p.m. on Saturday night at Coachella day two were treated to an energetic set from Australia’s Empire of the Sun.

Empire had the misfortune of going head-to-head with part of Pharrell’s set and was noticeably disappointed when a large portion of his crowd began moving towards the outdoor theatre from the rave tent that they were performing in. Empire set down the battle lines against Daft Punk last June when he told NME that their album was outselling his because of salesmanship and not better music.

Therefore, it probably got to them that people were leaving in droves at the end to go check out Pharrell, who wouldn’t be joined on stage by Daft Punk during their collaboratory smash “Get Lucky”. Still, the crowd that was there was packed like sardines and appreciative of their showmanship.

Empire brought an incredible show to the Sahara Tent as synchronized dancers adorned in feathered costumes.

Though Empire’s Luke Steele smashed his guitar on stage at the end of their set, they returned for an encore and played their hit “Alive”. Anyone who wasn’t yet on the come down got to experience what was one of the better light shows and overall shows of the festival.

Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photo above via Billboard.com.

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