Poolside brings early afternoon chill vibes to Coachella

Poolside band coachella photos 2014

Described on their Wikipedia page as “daytime disco”, Poolside brought the right kind of vibes to an early afternoon Coachella audience on Sunday of the second weekend.

With a substantial number of attendees nursing wicked hangovers from partying hard on Saturday, Poolside provided laid back dance tracks that didn’t exacerbate those dreaded headaches.

Poolside kept things light throughout their Mohave set, the perfect way to begin the final countdown on Coachella weekend two. Filip Nikolic provided an awesome falsetto, even if at times it was difficult to hear.

Hopefully, Poolside gets more festival bookings for early on the final day as their sound goes all too perfect with the end-of-the-festival mindset.

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Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photo above via Poolside’s Facebook page.

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