Hot vs Not: Headdresses (that aren’t Native American)

After experiencing two weekends of Coachella, we saw numerous headdresses adoring the sweaty heads of many women. While 90 percent of the headdresses were either totally “basic coachella bitches” flowered wreaths and oversized Native American feathers, we witnessed a few ladies that actually opted to go against the grain and wear something original. Whoa, I know right, totally unusual for Coachella attendees! If you’re going to wear a headdress to a music festival, make it one of a kind, make sure you stand the fuck out and make people stare in admiration. Make sure no one else is rockin’ your headdress.

Ain’t nothing wrong with sporting a headdress at a music festival, but if you’re going to do it, do it right like this lady below (captured at Desert Daze 2013)

hipster creative headdress photos

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