Hot vs Not: The worst concert fans ever …

Why even bother going to a show or music festival if you’re going to totally disengage like these tweens. Quit trying to be “scene” and go to a show not to be “seen”, but for the music. In our six years of concert photography, this is definitely the worst concert crowd shot we’ve ever witnessed. These tweens were probably expecting someone like Lana Del Rey and not a psych band.

From left-to-right, caption their thoughts for us in a comment below!

bad concert fans

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14 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: The worst concert fans ever …

  1. Matt C.

    Pretty sure this photo is in regards to the three main girls in the frame. Not sure why some people are throwing a shit about this. A.) LA concert goers do suck. Only a couple handfuls of us actually clap, yell and get into it. B.) Haven’t you seen Vice’s Dos and Don’ts?

    Keep delivering the goods Grimy!

  2. Janelle

    This photo is straight up comedy and as an avid Grimy Goods reader, most of their HOT VS NOT are totally praising, especially on women. And not “negative”. Quit being such a shitty baby about a hilarious photo that clearly depicts a problem with fans at shows. If anything, this photo is proof of that problem.

  3. Kate

    Because your music blog is focused on style not music. Those fashionistas of dessert daze must really know whats going on. “Los Angeles’ premier music lifestyle blog”, sounds like i can trust you for great info !

  4. jaden smith

    – I’ve BEEN in a band BEFORE we played like 5 shows i would know i was there
    -i think cute
    -cool beans
    -nose jobs get cheaper and cheaper each year right?

  5. docks keys

    -Omg i so know what i’m talking about, like, always, i want to start a post psychedelic band, i pretend im not from OC like everyday yeah hardcore bad bitch here
    -I sometimes pretend like i am a creative person, but just ride the easiest genre on earth to be apart of
    -No one has sympathy for my yawns
    -I’ve never shaved
    -Music No Please Shela

  6. real musician

    1.I was like so in a band once,wait did miss my period? 2. I think i missed my period. 3. Im so on my period right now.4. I’ve had my period since i was 11. 5. I wonder what guys are like.

  7. lulu

    Whaaaaaaaat, that is Melissa Brooks, of the Aquadolls! I’d say instead of ragging on young kids at a show sans iphones in-hand, let’s focus on a review of the show!

  8. SissyFuss

    Only two of those girls looks like they’re not interested. One of them is totally singing. How about stop hating on “haters” and just enjoy the show yourself and not worry about how other people are enjoying themselves.



    “I came here to get pregnant”
    “I miss Costa Mesa”
    “Oh my god, I fucking LOVE, the cosmonauts”
    “Why’d that guy say I look like a porta potty?”
    “This sucks. I should stop hanging out with these girls. And why the fuck is this Swedish guy on my right?”

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