Hot vs Not: Sun hats (not those played out floppy black hats)

The summer temps are rolling in and the sun is about to start shining all day long. Protect yo’ neck (and face) with a fashionable sun hat. And by “fashionable” we don’t mean those played out black floppy witch hats (aka pilgrim hat, aka hipster hat) that every girl wears to a psych show or any Burger event. I mean, even the Housewives of Orange County where that shit. But if you want to join the club, you mind as well.

We’re diggin’ these cute Asian-style fishing hats. They’re functional and totally cute (and not everyone is wearing them around town … yet). You can also find yourself a stylish and functional sun hat at Brixton. They are the go-to brand for hats and more.

sun hats photos

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