Hot vs Not: Boys with big beards

hipster beards

In the 90s, nobody rocked a full beard unless you were a mountain man, Hell’s Angel, metal head or something around those styles. In the millenium every dude (and their grand daddy) are rockin’ the full beard. I don’t think its been this popular since the late 70s / early 80s. It’s like every dude wants to look like a 1979 James Brolin a la Amityville Horror. But you know what, I (along with MANY other girls) ain’t complainin’. We love the beards and scruff, and the two cuties above have some great ones. However, we don’t like the trendy type of men that rock a full beard and don’t even know how to change a fuckin’ tire or do some basic handy work. Nothing manly about that.

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