Hot vs Not: Dubstep circle pits ( watch this video)

Are you kidding me? Is this dubstep circle pit for real? We’re not quite sure what show or festival this took place at, but we do know it’s another solid reason why dubstep is the epitome of lame. Judging by the fashion of the bros moshing around in their sorry excuse for a pit, we certainly don’t think this is a punk show, but perhaps some bro-infested college music festival in the MidWest. Watch closely and you’ll see some kid get sucker-punched while attempting to mosh. Two things about that:

1. If you were in a REAl mosh pit at a punk show, none of that douchery happens. There’s a camaraderie in the pit where everyone moshing helps each other out if one takes a fall. You may get an accidental elbow to the nose, but that’s about it.

2. If you’re taking part in circle pit at a dubstep show, you deserve to be punched.

P.S. Cool tattoo, bro.

Now, please keep the circle pits and slam dancing where it belongs.

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