Hot vs Not: Babes on vintage motorcycles (not sports bikes/rockets)

babes on motorcycles

Motorcycles, especially vintage motorcycles, have been all the rage the past few years. Unfortunately it’s almost like a fashion accessory here in L.A. (especially East Hollywood) where every hipster, wannabe Sons of Anarchy, or bearded “gentleman” feels the sudden urge to get their CMSP and buy a bike. And probably all just to fit a specific image and / or get “babes”. That may get annoying, but hot babes on bikes never gets annoying. It’s been a promotional institution for decades: display a bike with a tan oiled up bikini babe (especially during the cheesy, yet epic ’80s). Whether they’re riding on a moto or just posing on one, you gotta admit, it’s super hot. Even more hot when they can actually ride and aren’t doing it just for the aforementioned. Regardless, we like bikes and we like babes.

But now this, this is super awesome.

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