The 10 Worst Summer Tan Lines — NSFW

Summer is right around the corner and with endless debaucherous amounts of fun in the sun comes silly-looking victims of the sun. I’m not talking about your skin peeling or the nasty sun blisters on your back (although those are god awful as well), I’m talking about your horrible tan lines. As previously mentioned, the monokini is all the fashion rage this summer, but it doesn’t mean you should lay out for hours in it. This haute look will look great at that Hollywood Hills pool party, but it will give you the most ridiculous tan lines. Chose where you wear it wisely.

Unlike the band, tan lines can be real lame. Check out below the 10 worst summer tan lines you need to stay away from this summer.

1. Love the swimsuit, hate the tan lines. All these funky cut-outs and lattice work will make you look like you’re starting a new skin art trend. Unless that’s what you want, wear these haute swimsuits under shade or at evening pool parties where it won’t mess up that coveted golden tan.

bad monokini tanlines

2. Who needs tightie whities when your ass glows under the moonlight. At first glance, this booty looks as though it’s Hanes Her Way under a high-riding pair of hot-shorts. But it’s not. That’s a chicks glowing ass under a gnarly sunburn.

bad butt cheeks tan lines

3. Nothing screams, “hi I’m visiting from the MidWest” like this guy’s farmer’s tan. When cruising our Southern California beaches, go shirtless or lather up on that white-boy SPF 100.

bad tan lines

4. Gross tan lines, grosser feet. You would think before Instagramming those horrendous flip-fop tan lines, one would trim and clean their toe nails. C’mon bro!

ulgy feet tanlines

5. My body art is cooler than yours. I wonder if all those strappy swimsuits will start a temporary body modification trend where people do this to be artsy and shit.

sun burn tan lines

6. The couple that cruises the I.E. by the sea together, is the couple that stays together. Ooooof…

bad tan lines photos

7. The goofy sock tan will always haunt yuppies and preppies. When this happens, there’s really no turning back. Just roll with it.

sun burn tan lines2

8. Just go naked. Don’t know if it’s the lighting in this photo, but judging by this chick’s orange skin, it looks like she spray-tanned in this bikini. Duuuuuuumb.

monokini tan lines orange tan

9. The infamous tanktop (aka wife-beater) tan. But what’s really worse here? Those tattoos or the tan lines? Kelly’s not mad.

sun burn tan lines3

10. Outdoor fitness is much more exciting than a douchey gym, but it has its pitfalls. Sports bra and tank top tan lines por vida.

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