Hot vs Not: Shirt or Dress

It’s summer time, and as the nights get hotter, womens clothing get more scandalous. Especially up in the clubs! With that said, these days the ladies like to wear shirts as dresses. We’re not quite sure if the ensemble below is a shirt or a dress. Any sudden vertical movement and you get flash of the butt cheek!

dress or shirt

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2 thoughts on “Hot vs Not: Shirt or Dress

  1. Jeni H.

    Are you kidding me?! To the over sensitive idiot comment from “Q” … I love Grimy Goods Hot Vs Not section! It’s about fashion and fun you idiot. I come for the music but always venture to Hot Not for the laughs and or fashion insight. Also, I don’t see any criticism here. It’s actually very open ended. If you don’t like it, don’t click. Simple as that. Besides, you’re probably some overweight “feminist” that cries about any stupid little thing these days. Get a life!

  2. Q

    Why does grimy goods always have this shit like its a good music blog and you keep making these irrelevant posts shaming and criticizing women for their choices? Why do you care so much. Who gives a shit if u can see her butt cheeks like you didnt know she had butt cheeks? I have butt cheeks too so what ur probably blessed as hell u can kinda see her buttcheeks its disgusting and pathetic this website really feels the need to devote entire pages s to shit like this. Pls just keep it about the music and less about annoying immature click bait articles/pages whose content(attempt at content??) have a lot more layers to them. Do you have 11 yr old boys interning for you. Just stop its annoying and gross and is making everyone involved lives’ worse.

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