Hot vs Not: FYF Fashion — casual music festival babes in short shorts

While hordes of people glam up and dress ridiculous for certain music festivals, you can always reply on a casual vibe at FYF Fest. With just 12 days left, FYF will pop off Aug. 23 and 24 at the LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park. To get y’all hyped and prepared for the event, we’ll be rolling out our FYF themed Hot vs Nots. Ladies, please remember while attending FYF this year to dress for comfort (and style) and not so much for style and fashion. If you’re dolled up in heels and loads of makeup, you’re gonna stick out like a sore thumb that is totally attending for the wrong reasons. By all means, dress fashionable, but make it functional. The music festival cuties below go it down right with their summer short shorts and sleeveless tops.

Keep it real. Don’t try too hard.


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