Ty Segall caps off FYF day one and brings Manipulator to an intense reality

ty segall fyf 2014 photos

Ty Segall’s night-capper last night at FYF Fest was such a fitting end to the first day, the hometown favorite closed things out in front of a crowd that seemed to be of the homegrown variety. If you frequent the L.A. music scene, you start to run into the same people. Those people that you keep running into, they were all undoubtedly seeing Ty Segall on Saturday night.

While at Grimes, one girl told me she was really excited about seeing Ty Segall and to get into the moshpit, which she told me is “like a PG-13 mosh.” She said you get roughed up over there but not anything too bad.

My expectations were exceeded as Segall definitely brought a really fun and infectious energy that translated not just to the mosh but to the entire assembled crowd. People were rowdy but not in an overly bro-y or douchey kind of way.

Segall played much of the stuff from his new solo release Manipulator. There’s a reason why it has achieved such critical acclaim, and seeing them played in front of an adoring crowd just adds another level to things.

One of Los Angeles’ most prolific active musicians, Segall’s set was a great way to ignore that pain in your feet for another 30 minutes as you rocked your face off until midnight. There’s no doubt a few new faces will be popping in to see Segall on his three-night residency at The Echo this coming week.

Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photography: Monique Hernandez

ty segall fyf 2014 photos

ty segall fyf 2014 photos


ty segall fyf 2014 photos

ty segall fyf 2014 photos

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