Hot or Not: Drop Crotch Pants

Whether you love them, or you hate them, you can’t deny that drop crotch pants / harem pants are all over Los Angeles. We like to refer to these ridiculous pants as saggy crotch pants or pants-that-make-you-look-like-you-dropped-a-deuce. No, we don’t like these silly pants. And we’re sure a few years from now, all the trendy and wannabe fashionistas will say to themselves, “I can’t believe I wore those horrible genie pants!” Sure they may be comfortable and you probably saw saw your favorite rapper wearing them, or some idiot like Justin Bieber, but do you really want to be like Beebs?!

For those of you that claim you want to be “different” or that these pants are “unique” — sorry to break it to you, but if they carry them at Forever 21, you’re far from unique.



$316 for these turd burglars.



$169 for these dookie smugglers



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