11 thoughts on “foo-fighters-secret-show-roxy-nov-14

  1. Andrea Chau

    Hiiii, I love Foo Fighters is one of my favorites bands. The music is the only exit for me. Please let me win those tickets

  2. Lu Fernandes

    You should pick me because I’m the kind of fan they would want. I know every word to every song, but I don’t care where they live or what they drive, or what they like. I’d be there to rock out, not to be on TV. I’d be there to feel the music, not because I want to meet the band. And if I met the band, I’d say “Thank you”, instead of “Can I have your autograph?” There for the love of the music alone. So yeah. Pick me, if you want something real.

  3. Bec Brigham

    Tickets would be amazing! I am on vacation in LA from Australia. Foo Fighters tickets for 2015 in Aus just went in sale for minimum $202! Free tickets to this once in life time gig for me would be awesome!!

  4. elisa

    God why is it so hard to get tickets! i can live off of youtube videos but man the live show would make my life!

  5. claudia castaneda a.k.a. claudsfoo

    If i were to be granted 1 wish by the rock gods .. I would ask for 1 ticket to see the Foo Fighters at the Roxy this Friday, Nov 14th,14

  6. Jami Franco

    I need to win tickets to the Foo Fighters show at the Roxy!!!!! Please pick me! Thanks.

    Jami Franco 209-670-4605

  7. Mariana Otero

    How can I win tickets to foo fighters at the foxy????? I love them 🙂
    Mariana otero

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