Hot Band Alert: From Los Angeles, listen to Rosechild’s debut EP Remedies

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Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Rosechild has released their debut EP, titled Remedies.

There’s a certain enjoyable ’90s alt-rock sound to this four-piece band. Only three songs in length, Rosechild’s first EP leaves you wanting more. The songwriting is superb and lead singer Haile Meirow’s voice is reminiscent of ’80s and ’90s rockers Edie Brickell (particularly her big hit “What I Am”) and Natalie Merchant. There’s a Warpaint aspect to the band, though Rosechild isn’t as jam-driven and is much more traditional in its song construction.

All three songs are strong, beginning with the opening track “You.” The song opens with a dreamy guitar intro that leads into Meirow’s whimsical vocals quite nicely. Guitarist Joshua Martinez showcases his skills that suggest he would have fit in the ’90s Seattle grunge era rather well.

The second song “Used To This” features a pretty guitar arrangement from Martinez to begin. Meirow again does a good job of captivating you with her vocals. There’s quite a throwback feel to Rosechild’s music, it is very firmly planted in alternative rock roots with just guitar, bass, and drums — a nice change from the fact that most new bands these days employ the use of a synthesizer liberally. The truth is that Rosechild doesn’t need any additional gimmicks, with Meirow’s vocals, Martinez’s guitar prominence, Dan Boos’ bass chops and Oscar Silva on drums, there’s no need for additional noise.

The EP concludes with the song “Sea of Green,” a solid four-and-a-half minute track that features much lighter guitar than on the previous two songs, though it builds as the song goes on. For the final chorus, Silva’s drums and Martinez’s guitar complements Meirow’s vocals extremely well as the tone hastens. Meirow unleashes a beautiful and loud yell prior to concluding the final chorus that showcases how powerful her pipes are quite impressively.

If these first three songs are a sign of what is to come from Rosechild, they’re definitely a Los Angeles band worth keeping an eye on.

Words: Mark E. Ortega


Stream Rosechild’s debut EP, Remedies.


Rad artwork by Rex Hamilton


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