Budos Band spark up a mystical “Burnt Offering” of sonic grooves and moods at The Regent


Since opening at the end of 2014, The Regent has been on top of the best shows coming to Downtown Los Angeles. With a sold-out show that packed the house to the walls, the venue welcomed Staten Island’s smoothest brethren of 70s instrumental psych, the Budos Band, along with Los Angeles’ fiery garage punks, Death Valley Girls. As expected, the two delivered an epic night of Mayhem that fans won’t soon forget.

Death Valley Girls had a rough start when lead singer, Bonnie’s amp completely stopped working, but never fear, Budos came to the rescue. The band shared their amp for a rather short performance that felt somewhat incomplete. Needless to say, the band served up their dose of female fronted garage punk in a captivating fashion.

Still vibing on a celebratory new year’s feel, the Budos Band began rocking the stage cheering with the crowd, instruments in one hand and red cups in the other. The vibe was hot, and full of that infectious Budos positivity, infecting fans with smiles from ear-to-ear. Performing songs off their new album Burnt Offering and some classic Budos bangers, the band enchanted the crowd with their psychedelic afro-funk-rock. The new album translated well live showing both maturation and newborn style. Their instrumental proposals brought a dynamic twist to their new sounds with blends of Ethiopian, soul and something new brought up from the underworld, keeping them always unique: slick and unique.

Photos and Review:  Farah Sosa




budos band



Death VAlley girls

Death Valley Girls

Death VAlley girlsDeath VAlley girls


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