Hot Band Alert: Howls mesmerizes and haunts on new single “White Noise”

Howls band
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Within the first few second of the track “White Noise” by Los Angeles duo Howls, a number of different thoughts immediately jumped into my head. The electronically-fused track sounds as though it could serve as an updated score for the chase through the corn maze in “The Shining” — or even the soundtrack in a futuristic side-scrolling fighting video game.

For the song, the twosome of Annalee Ferry and Christian Stone brought in an outside producer for the first time — Jon Siebels. The fresh perspective helped transform their sound to a slightly less dark and more dance-inspired. Think CHVRCHES with a less ’80s synth-pop-sound and more straight electronic with some dark vibes.

Howls has taken a long journey to their current formation. The two played together in the indie-rock band Monsters Are Waiting before parting ways. Stone went to work on an album on his own in 2010, and the project morphed from what was initially a solo project to the situation they are currently in as Howls.

The vocals of Ferry and Stone layer quite beautifully. On the track “No Man,” from their self-titled debut album, the two sing “Don’t you close your eyes” in unison so well that it nearly sounds like the same voice.

Howls’ new single “White Noise” was released on February 3rd via Buddyhead Records. You can stream it below. Their new EP is set for release this spring.


Words: Mark E. Ortega


Stream Howls’ new single “White Noise”


Listen to Howls’ self-titled debut album:

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