Hot vs Not: Cowboy Boot Sandals

In Los Angeles, fashion is as diverse as the city we live in. From raver goths and rockabillies, to couture fashionistas and surfer bros, on any given day you will see all sorts of funky fashion. Some looks are “haute” others are well, “not.” And today’s find just might top some of the wackiest and ugliest fashion we’ve ever found.  I saw a Dangerous Minds post pop up on my Facebook page showing these horrific, ugly, douchey, totally unpractical shoes called Cowboy Boots Sandals (aka Redneck Boot Sandals as seen on their Facebook page). These not-so-functional hybrids are made by some dude named Scotty Franklin from Springfield, Missouri (of course). If you have $50, good ole Scotty will chops your boots up into his latest fashion. As awful as these shoes are, the dude is getting mad traffic and sales. I’m sure they will sell big time during Halloween.

As lame as these shoes are, I bet you some equally lame “hipster” will purchase a pair and walk around Echo Park in them (or wear them on stage) just for the shock value or to be “bad fashion cool.”

redneck boot sandals cowboy boot sandals


cowboy boot sandals

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