Win Tickets to FYF Fest 2015 at LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park.

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FYF Fest 2015 is underway and Grimy Goods is giving away tickets to the coveted Los Angeles music festival. With less than five weeks away, it’s time to start preparing for two days of epic music spanning various genres with both independent and mainstream acts. FYF Fest will take place August 22-23 at the LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park. This year’s lineup is ripe for the picking with Frank Ocean headlining Saturday, August 22 and Morrissey on Sunday, August 23. Additionally, this year’s FYF lineup will also feature D’Angelo & The Vanguard, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Savages, Chet Faker, Death Grips, Belle & Sebastian, Spiritualized, Run The Jewels, and many more anticipated acts. With both D’Angelo and Frank Ocean on this year’s bill, we’re sure some babies will be made during FYF weekend! With that said, who wants to win a pair of tickets to FYF Fest 2015?

And if you don’t get select as a winner for this giveaway, it’s not the end of the word. You can always purchase your tickets to FYF Fest via their website. Tickets are still available, but probably won’t be for too long!




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2. Next, leave a comment on this post letting us know which five acts are you looking forward to seeing the most. Be sure to leave your valid email address when leaving a comment so we can notify you of your win. Email addresses are kept private and are not seen by the public. We will select a winner on Friday, July 24! Winner will need to reply back to our email by 10 AM Monday, July 27 to confirm their win. Winner will be asked to provide their Twitter URL and a screenshot of their Twitter and / or Facebook entry.

3. When you’re done with your comment, send us a Tweet (see below) or you can post on our Facebook wall.

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fief fest 2015 lineup


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Death Grips to headline The Glass House in Pomona after FYF Fest

The Strokes put stamp on FYF Fest with festival-ending romp

Against Me!, Albert Hammond Jr, Angel Olsen and many more top day one at FYF Fest

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Frank Ocean

225 thoughts on “Win Tickets to FYF Fest 2015 at LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park.

  1. Felix Garcia

    This is tough cause so many good acts but

    1. Kanye West
    2. Morrissey
    3. Mac Demarco
    4. Purity Ring
    5. Run the Jewels

  2. Jackie Guevara

    I would love to see my goddess FKA Twigs, Chet Faker, Purity Ring and Flume. Sadly I cannot afford FYF due to being a broke full-time college student, so winning these tickets would sure make my summer worthwhile!

  3. Cariad Owen

    1. Morrissey
    2. Jesus and Mary Chain
    3. FKA Twigs
    4. Bloc Party
    5. Melody’s Echo Chamber

  4. Monica

    First of all the lineup is sick! Everyone there is going to be dope to watch but the 5 I really want to see

    1) morrissey
    2)bloc party
    3)purity ring
    4)Joyce manor
    5)Chet faker

  5. Leslie guillen

    I REALLY want to see
    melodys echo chamber
    mac Demarco
    andrew Jackson jihad

  6. Maria G

    Choosing a top 5 was difficult but there it goes: la femme, frank ocean, the drums, melodys echo chamber and FKA twigs!

  7. Steven Guerrero

    I’m looking forward to seeing
    Bloc Party
    Neon Indian
    Frank Ocean
    La Femme
    Chet faker

  8. Montserrat Antonio

    I had a hard time narrowing it down to top 5 but here goes:
    1. Morrissey
    2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    3. Purity Ring
    4. Thee oh sees
    5. The Jesus and Mary Chain

  9. Fatima Jimenez

    I really wanna see:
    1. Frank Ocean (he’s great and it’s been too long)
    2. The Drums (I had to sell my ticket to their show last October at the Mayan)
    3. FKA Twigs (I missed her set at Coachella)
    4. Mac de Marco (His performances are legendary)
    5. UMO (haven’t seen them live)

    There’s so many awesome people.

  10. HellCatt

    I want to see my favorite band at the moment, DEATHGRIPS!!
    I would also love to see BADBADNOTGOOD, PURITY RING, RUN THE JEWELS, AND MORRISSEY!! And the list could go on and on…

  11. Jeremie Resendez

    Top 5 acts:
    2)Belle and Sebastian
    3)Bloc Party
    4)The Drums

  12. Brandon albertson

    I am most excited to see Flume, Battles, Neon Indian, D’Angelo, and Run the Jewels.

  13. Nikki

    I’m excited to see Frank Ocean, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Thee Oh Sees, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Death Grips

  14. Luis Loza

    I am most excited to see:

    Frank Ocean (of course)
    Purity Ring
    Bloc Party
    Joyce Manor

  15. marina

    the drums; jesus & mary chain; neon indian; morrissey; dinosaur jr. (whose last FYF set thanks & good luck everyone! 😀

  16. Kelly Goossen

    Kaytranada because I’ve been listening to him since 2010 and I’m obsessed with every song he’s made.
    Flume because he’s easily one of the BEST live DJs I’ve ever seen (COACHELLA 2014, are you kidding me?! So amazing…would do anything to re-live that experience)
    Laura Marling- Because I saw her at the Ford Amphitheatre a couple years ago (2012) and it was honestly the reason I started playing music.
    FKA Twigs- because she is a RADIANT GODDESS! And because her music sounds like it was made by angels, no big deal though…
    Chet Faker- Because I tried to see him last year at FYF but because it was legit chaos at the stage he was performing at, I didn’t get close enough to the stage to see him perform…just heard whispers of his beautiful voice from afar…but I’ve been dying to see him ever since.


  17. Andrew Guzman

    There are so many acts I want to see at FYF but my top 5 are:

    Chet Faker
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Dinosaur Jr.
    Thee Oh Sees

  18. bianca portal

    Chet Faker
    Frank Ocean
    Simian Mobile Disco
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra — Their newest album kicks ass!

  19. CJ Tirona

    The 5 Artists I want to see at FYF Fest are:
    Frank Ocean, Bloc Party, Purity Ring, Morrissey and FKA Twigs!!!!!

  20. CJ Tirona

    The 5 acts I want to see the most at FYF Fest are:
    Bloc Party, Chet Faker, Purity Ring, Morrissey and FKA Twigs!!!!!

  21. Joseph Calderon

    Take me out tonight…
    Where there’s music and there’s people
    And they’re young and alive

    Take me out tonight….
    I Want to see life


  22. Stephanee verdugo

    2.mac Demarco
    3.the oh sees
    4.jon hopkins
    5. Bloc party
    And had to put neon Indian and unknown mortal orchestra cuz they rock

  23. Roland O'Cello

    DEERHUNTER , BLOC PARTY , MAC DEMARCO , JON HOPKINS , THEE OH SEES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Kathrine Bryan

    The 5 bands I want to see the most are:

    Belle & Sebastian
    Toro Y Moi
    Bloc Party
    Jesus and Mary Chain

  25. Arturo Ramirez

    1) DEERHUNTER bc they got bangers
    2) MORRISSEY bc he got bangers
    3) BLOC PARTY bc they got bangers
    4) TITLE FIGHT bc they got bangers
    5) RUN THE JEWELS bc they got bangers

  26. Brandon Aviles


  27. christopher g.

    1) D’Angelo
    2) Toro Y Moi
    3) Frank Ocean
    4) Kaytranada
    5) Shlohmo

    Thanks for the shot!

  28. Arturo Ramirez

    1) DEERHUNTER bc they got bangers
    2) MORRISSEY bc he got bangers
    3) BLOC PARTY bc they got bangers
    4) TITLE FIGHT bc they got bangers
    5) RUN THE JEWELS bc they got bangers

  29. Ruby Yoakim

    1. FKA Twigs! I’ve seen her almost everytime she’s been in LA. Always a new and exciting show.
    2. Frank Ocean
    3. Flume
    4. Chet Faker
    5. Shlohmo

  30. Sanjuana Pacheco

    1. Bloc Party
    2. Morrissey
    3. Frank Ocean
    4. The Drums
    5. Neon Indian

    I want to list more! Such a good lineup!!!! Ahhhh soooo goooodddd !!!

  31. Rob Obedoza

    1. Frank Ocean (where’s he been??)
    2. Death Grips (because they cancelled hours before a hometown show in Sac that I had tickets for years ago)
    3. Run The Jewels (because their last album is basically my workout soundtrack)
    4. FKA Twigs (because daaaaaaaamn)
    5. Flume/Chet Faker (because Australia. So hot right now. Australia.)

  32. Amado Aquino

    1. Mac DeMarco ✌?️
    2. Bloc Party ???
    3. Purity Ring ???
    4. The Drums ?
    5. Belle & Sebastian ?

  33. Danielle Clothier

    Melody’s Echo Chamber!
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra!
    The Drums!
    Neon Indian!
    Nicolas Jaar!

  34. Guillan Leonardo

    1. Morrissey bc HONESTLY
    2. Flume bc i wanna vibe
    3. Chet Faker bc i wanna cry
    4. Joyce Manor bc i wanna mosh
    5. FKA Twigs bc I wanna fall in love
    (why only 5? i wanna see em all bbs)

  35. Frank Zambrano

    1. Morrissey!!! Hands down!!
    2. Bloc Party!
    3. Chet Faker
    4. Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    5. Neon Indian

    I’ve seen none of these live. Ever. Grimy Goods, change my life please?

  36. David Alonzo

    You guys are awesome for doing this – the FYF lineup gets better and better each year!

    The 5 acts I want to see (in no particular order):

    1. FKA Twigs
    2. Joy Orbison
    3. D’Angelo
    4. Tobias Jesso Jr.
    5. Jesus & Mary Chain


  37. Karen

    Top, most favorite artists of FYF I am dying to see in no particular order:

    1. FRANK OCEAN- I’m such a fan girl and I can’t wait to see if he drops music any music now like in the form of a secret album (ala Beyonce status)
    2. FKA TWIGS- I consumed her emo sad girl album which prompted me to create the #SadEmoXicanxGrrlFeels hashtag
    3. SOLANGE- My always go to “GTFO fuckboy” queen. So glad she made the trek to LA
    4. SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO- I’m a BIG fan and you can bet I will be up in the front making weird faces in those close up photos of fans in the crowd
    5. D’ANGELO- All I can is: #BabyMakingMusic

  38. Darren Duque

    D’Angelo & The Vanguard
    Chet Faker
    Death Grips
    Bloc Party
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra

  39. Aaron Larson

    Health (obvious Health reasons)
    Bloc party (a Jenny on the Bloc moment or two)
    Purity Ring (sexy pump up)
    Bell and Sebastian (Party line time, forms to the left!)
    Lower Dens (sexy voice supreme)

  40. Cody

    I would be so freakin’ STOKED to see Bloc Party play “like eating glass” I love that song 😀
    2. badbadnotgood
    3. Frank Ocean
    4. Shlohmo
    5. Savages

    All great artists!!!!!

    Great promotion flyer too! Hope you guys pick me!!! 🙂

  41. Michael Katz

    There are so many amazing acts at FYF this year its hard to choose! I would be so stoked if you guys gave me these passes. Now if I would have to choose my top 5 most anticipated acts of the festival it would be Frank Ocean, Run The Jewels, Bloc Party, Chet Faker, and Purity Ring. All of these artists are amazing and talented and hope you bless me with these tickets!

  42. Yesenia Ramirez

    I would love to see Bloc Party, Dinosaur Jr., Morrissey, Belle & Sebastian, and FKA Twigs. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. Michael Chavez

    Hi Grimy G’s!

    top 5 @ fyf:

    1 ~ Nicolas Jaar
    2 ~ HEALTH
    3 ~ Joy Orbison
    5 ~ Ben UFO

  44. Melanee Barrera

    BLOC PARTY…because they got me through my first year in college in 2005.
    Chet Faker…since we weren’t allowed to see him last year because of capacity ;-;
    Purity Ring…because I can’t miss any of their LA shows <3.

    and most of because I can't afford it this year. #adulthood.

  45. Carol Guerra

    I would love to see FKA Twigs, Cold Cave, Belle & Sebastian, Deerhunter and Neon Indian.

  46. Alex Robinson-Salazar

    So hard to choose just 5!
    Okay, in no particular order:

    Jon Hopkins
    FKA twigs
    Nicolas Jaar

    Thanks so much for this chance!

  47. Chris Tai

    1. Absolutely need to see Alvvays! They’re from Canada and hardly come down here.
    2. Tennis
    3. Belle and Sebastian
    4. Flume
    5 Toro y Moi

  48. Marielisa Argueta

    Dying to see
    1. Nicolas Jaar
    2. DJ Dodger Stadium
    3. Joy Orbison
    4. Simian Mobile Disco
    5. Bloc Party

  49. Afton Abell

    Would LOVE to see:
    1 Girlpool
    2 Kaytranada
    3 Death Grips
    4 Frank Ocean
    5 Belle & Sebastian

    Thank you!

  50. Adrian

    For me, the draw to this year’s FYF is intense. Frank Ocean, Purity Ring, Dinosaur Jr. Morrissey (if he shows up, haha), Metz, D’Angelo, badbadnotgood, Spiritualized, Laura Marling…I was impressed with the lineup when it came out and totally wouldn’t mind going to the fest!

  51. Francisco Flores

    I am so excited to go see Morrissey, Nicolas Jar, Cold Cave, Neon Indian, and of course Frankie Ocean! sweet headliners on both days!

  52. Christopher Modisette

    Deerhunter (first local show since FYF Fest two years ago!!!)
    Dinosaur Jr.
    Frank Ocean

  53. Miguel Ascencio

    Belle and Sebastian WHAT
    FKA Twigs!?
    Frank Ocean!?
    And hellooooooooo Chet Faker.

    Best end of summer party I could think of!

  54. Cory Tsuyuki

    Hey Grimy Goods,

    I really want see
    Bloc Party,
    Toro Y Moi,
    Title Fight,
    & Andrew Jackson Jihad!

  55. Genevieve Andrade

    It would make my summer if I saw;
    1. BLOC PARTY ❤️
    2. Title Fight ❤️
    3. Mac D’emarco ❤️
    4. Toro Y Moi ❤️
    5. Frank Ocean ❤️

    Praying to the music gods!!!

  56. Hannah

    Can’t even imagine what it’d be like to see Morrissey, Belle and Sebastian, Dinosaur Jr., Mac Demarco and Deerhunter for my first real music festival. I want to support Mikal Cronin as well!

    Thanks GG!

  57. Mia Rochford

    Kevin Morby!!!
    Laura Marling!!!
    BELLE & SEBASTIAN!!! I watched a recent performance of theirs on YouTube and Stuart Murdoch invited a few lucky audience members on stage to dance during the last two numbers of their set. I, too, want to dance with Belle & Sebastian on stage! I’ve been practicing my moves in the mirror!

    Honorable mention goes to: the rest of the lineup!!!

    Help me, Grimy Goods, you’re my only hope!

  58. Diana

    I grew up listening to The Smiths and I’m Mexican… so right off the bat my number one act to see is Morrissey. Lol. I also wanna catch Bloc Party, FKA Twigs, Neon Indian, and UMO’s sets.

  59. Shahriar Momen

    Death Grips
    Nicolas Jaar
    FKA Twigs

    Thanks for the opportunity Grimy Goods! 🙂

  60. Frank Campbell

    The 5 acts I am most looking forward to:

    King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
    Melody’s Echo Chamber
    Laura Marling

  61. Evette

    My first/only time at FYF Fest was in 2011. Back when tickets were only $35 and held at Historical Park (*sigh* the good ol days) My top 5 bands were: Descendents, Broken Social Scene, Explosions in the sky, Chromatics, and Purity ring. First time ever seeing these bands play, was such an epic summer I’ll always remember. Its 2015 now, I would love to relive my past again, making new friends and memories. I would love to see: Morrissey, Bloc party, Belle & Sebastian, Badbadnotgood, and Tennis. This year has been a huge turning point and a wake up call for my life. It hasn’t been easy but its step towards being happy. Thanks grimy goods for the opportunity <3

  62. Christian Monge

    Im looking forward to seeing
    Purity Ring
    Joyce Manor
    Title Fight
    Dinosaur jr

  63. Isa-Bella Blanc

    My Top 5 are…
    Frank Ocean
    Mac Demarco
    Chet Faker
    La Femme
    Toro Y Moi

    Hope I win!

  64. Raymond Rivera

    Hi! I’m looking forward to seeing
    Jesus and Mary Chain
    Frank Ocean
    and Death Grips.
    However, I think the most exciting thing about potentially winning these tickets would be the ability to make so many memories with friends and be able to talk about the experience for years/ fyf’ to come!

  65. edward morales

    Jesus and Mary Chain
    Run the jewels
    toro y moi
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Melody’s Echo Chamber

  66. Ana Baca

    Hiyah, Grimy Goods!


    Simian Mobile Disco
    Cold Cave
    Bloc Party!

    Make my dream come true, Grimy!

    Thanks for this opportunity. 🙂

  67. Emma Munoz

    FYF 2015!
    I’d love to see
    1. Joy Orbison
    2. Thee Oh Sees
    3. Chet Faker
    4. Belle & Sebastian
    5. Death Grips

  68. Maral Mahmoudi

    I really need to see

    Jesus and the Mary Chain
    Evian Christ
    Fka twigs
    Death Grips

  69. Kimberly

    Thanks for this opportunity! I’ve seen a lot bands in my day but these are five that I have yet to see live.
    3.Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    5. Cold Cave

    Thanks Grimy Goods!

  70. Alicia C

    I would LOVE to see…

    Purity Ring
    Chet Faker
    Jon Hopkins
    Frank Ocean

    This would be so cool if I were to win

  71. Savannah

    It would be so awesome to win tickets to this! I’m dying to see:

    1. Girlpool
    2. Purity Ring
    3. Bloc Party
    4. BadBadNotGood
    5. Frank Ocean

  72. Iesha Magallanes

    What’s good Grimy Goods!!
    I would be so stoked to see:
    1. Frank Ocean
    2. Flume
    3. Dinosaur Jr.
    4. Chet Faker
    5. Mac Demarco

    The lineup is incredible! Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. Nick Marshall

    Melody’s Echo Chamber
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Belle and Sebastian
    The Jesus and Mary Chain

  74. Pedro Araújo

    I would love to see:

    1. Morrissey
    2. Belle & Sebastian
    3. FKA Twigs
    4. Nicolas Jaar
    5. Frank Ocean


  75. Victor Resendiz

    Hi Grimy Goods!!! These are my top five acts i would love to see.

    1. Morrissey (Bucket list. Never have seen him live)
    2. Run The Jewels ( Best hip hop group out there)
    3. Savages (Couldn’t get tickets to the Roxy show)
    4. Death Grips (Wanted to see them with NIN but they cancelled)
    5. Health

  76. Diana Ramirez

    2. FLUME

  77. Ario Rojas

    1. Morrisey
    2. Chet Faker
    3. Deerhunter
    4. Mac DeMarco
    5. D’Angelo
    6. La Femme
    7. Broncho
    8. FKA Twigs
    9. Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    10. Hop Along
    11. Dinosaur Jr.
    12. The Jesus and Mary Chain
    13. Title Fight
    14. Bloc Party
    15. Flume

    -> I should win these tickets because I’m from Costa Rica and never had the opportunity to attend a music festival this big!!! Fingers crossed..!

  78. Z

    Yo GG!
    I want to see:

    Bloc Party
    Lower Dens
    Simian Mobile Disco

    Please & thank you!

  79. Kenneth D.

    Most anticipated acts of FYF

    1. Run The Jewels
    2. Death Grips
    3. Bloc Party
    4. Frank Ocean
    5. Toro Y Moi

    Thanks for the chance!

  80. Daisy Mata

    Hi !!
    I’m so happy that this contest is running because there are so many acts that i have never seen before that i would love to see back to back within the span of threee dayyyssss :))

    I am most excited about
    1.Frank Ocean
    2. Mac Demarco
    3. Badbadnotgood
    4. The Drums
    5. Toro y Moi

    and soo mannnyyyy moreeee !!! Thank you for this opportunity i am definitely crossing my fingers!!

  81. Lupe Portugal

    1. Bloc Party
    2. Le Femme
    3. D’angelo and the Vanguard
    4. The Drums
    5. Frank Ocean

  82. Zach Beebee

    In no particular order:

    Nicolas Jaar
    Purity Ring
    Frank Ocean
    Death Grips

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. Somally Rath

    1. Mac Demarco
    2. Flume
    3. Frank Ocean
    4. La Femme
    5. The Drums

    Ahhh! There’s so many great acts and it was definitely hard to choose my top 5.

  84. Jeremy Favis

    Waddup Grimy Goods!

    My top five are:

    Bloc Party – because: feels
    Belle & Sebastian – because: more feels
    Goldroom – because: ehrmahgerrrd so many feels
    Neon Indian: because: such neon feels
    Chet Faker: because: gold feels

  85. Lainey Atwood

    1. LA FEMME one of the best performers and entertainers, its a new experience every time that I would never want to miss a chance to see them destroy the stage and dance my booty off
    2. NEON INDIAN finally have a chance to see them and keep the dance party going
    3. MAC DEMARCO haven’t stopped listening to him since last year
    4.BELLE AND SEBASTIAN highly anticipate seeing them for the first time, and bring back so many memories over all the albums
    5.CHET FAKER he’s his own kind

  86. Elias Chavez

    1) Death Grips – Been dying to see this group and their Glasshouse show in Pomona sold out so fast. Ready to get hype with these crazy peeps.

    2) Run the Jewels – El-P and Killer Mike are killing it and their music live must be dope as hell.

    3) Purity Ring – Musical bliss must be experienced live.

    4) Title Fight – Stage dive, stage dive, stage dive. This band slays live every time!

    5) Frank Ocean – Peeps love this dude.

  87. Karina Lopez

    1. Death Grips. because i LOVE them.
    2. Bloc Party! takes me back to my Hs years
    3. morrissey because MORRISSEY!
    4. Mac DeMarco duh
    5. Frank Ocean yes!

  88. Oscar Sanchez

    1- Belle and Sebastian: I listen to a lot when im sad.
    2- Dinosaur Jr.: I listen to a lot when im happy!
    3- Deerhunter: I listen to a lot when im feeling forgetful
    4- The Drums: I listen to a lot when im feeling reminiscent
    5- Title Fight: I listen to a lot when im feeling angsty!

    Thanks Grimy Goods and Fyf!

  89. Gabriela-Estella Perez Figueroa

    1. Chet Faker: When I hear his music, that voice….love making music.
    2. Fka Twigs: She is a true artist, a dancer, and an inspiration to women of color.
    3. Solange: Solange, Solange, Solange. Hidden behind her sister for years deserves so much more recognition for her soulful sound and truthful lyrics.
    4. La Femme: Entertaining, fun, the need to dance, best outfits (must see sombrero) and dance moves.
    5. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: I want to trip. Take me to Australia. Learned from my brother, many memories.

  90. Ian

    1. Purity Ring (missed them every time they’ve come into town)
    2. The Jesus & Mary Chain (loved them ever since I first heard them on The Crow soundtrack)
    3. FKA Twigs (heard her for the first time playing in the background at High Fidelity record store in Los Feliz and fell in love with her on the spot)
    4. D’Angelo (remember when he was simply “that naked dude” but became a huge fan after listening to more of his music)
    5. Morrissey (the man responsible for a million heartbreaks and a million bands with complete sentences for song titles)

  91. Sharon Kim

    I’m excited to see Badbadnotgood, Kaytranada, Death Grips, Chet Faker, and Flumeeeee!

  92. Hudson Saxe

    1. Flume (saw him at Outside Lands last year, mind was blown. would like to experience this again, please)
    2. Frank Ocean (never seen him live. Excited to hear hopefully new material, AND rechannel those channel orange vibes)
    3. Chet Faker (perfect end of summer grooves; and who knows what could happen when he and Flume are at the same festival…)
    4. Death Grips (anxious/excited to see how they bounce back from the breakup/cancellation last year; supposedly an amazing act to see live)
    5. Neon Indian (really digging the new song “Annie”, could new material be around the corner?? I’ll have to find out at FYF)

  93. Quinn Mai

    1. Frank Ocean
    2. Chet Faker
    5. Tennis

    1. FLUME
    2. FKA TWIGS
    3. Toro Y Moi
    5. Goldroom

    *caps denote that I’m super excited for that artist. Thanks, GG!

  94. Issac Flores

    BLOC PARTY- Highly anticipating the follow up album to FOUR. I did not get a chance to purchase tickets to their Pre-FYF shows at the Glass House or at The Roxy. So, FYF is my last oppourtinity to see them live.

    SAVAGES-Debut album was great and they’re definitely goping to play new tunes from their second album which is due out soon.

    ALVVAYS- One of my favorite Canadian Pop-Rock bands apart from Tokyo Police Club. I missed they’re only show at The Echo last year, and like Bloc Party, it’ll be my first chance to see them at FYF.

    THEE OH SEES- All I have to say about this band is that i hope the crowd at their stage is ready to use all their strength to pit during their set!

    TITLE FIGHT- I just started listening to this great band, and it’ll be geat to see them perform live.

  95. Eddie Ellis

    I wanna see Shlomo,Bloc Party, The Drums, Morrissey, Mac De Marco!! Please! I wanna take my daughter!

  96. Jessica Bowen

    Hey Grimy Goods!

    I would love to dance my ass off during FLUME at FYF this year! Hoping that Flume and Chet perform some stuff together. Their “drop the game” music video is dope!

    Then there is Nicholas Jaar who never disappoints.

    Out of artists I’ve never seen live, I would really like to catch Bloc Party and have always wanted to go to a Morrissey show, although he might not show up since I’m sure the venue will not be going vegetarian for him lol (I wonder if they would do it for McCartney…)

    You guys are the best, keep up the good work!


  97. Natalie Sanden

    1. Girlpool – babes and can’t stop spinning ‘Before The World Was Big’
    2. Mac DeMarco – want to touch his butt while he crowd surfs (also he makes the best crowd surf face)
    3. MOZ – gotta see this diva someday
    4. Neon Indian – because I wanna dance to Annie
    5. Joyce Manor – i want a heart tattoo


    YO HERE’S THE DEAL. YA GIRL JJ WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO GO TO FYF FEST!!! Grimy Goods ILYSM and you’re always my homies with the best recommendations for concerts each week (Dan Deacon at the Echoplex was life!). Narrowing this down to 5 was nearly impossible…
    KAYTRANADA — his set at Coachella made me wish that he didn’t play at the same time as Drake because holy fuck if everyone saw him they would’ve lost their minds!!! So great!!
    DEERHUNTER — just one of those groups that I haven’t yet explored thoroughly enough, and I’ve heard their live performances are just incredible
    UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA — they have a unique style that isn’t being featured much at FYF, especially their newest album with heavier funk inclusion, so this was a no-brainer
    FRANK OCEAN — DO I EVEN NEED TO EXPLAIN? Channel Orange is my most re-played album on Spotify. Pilot Jones gets me every time
    CHET FAKER — a man so ridiculously talented that I don’t even consider him a man..he is post-man

    PLEASE PICK ME!! Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity and rock on!! <3

  99. Frank Saavedra

    Frank Ocean
    Run The Jewels
    Simian Mobile Disco
    The Drums

    I honesty have way more than 5, but these are the ones I really must catch!

  100. Alan Estevez

    1. Shlohmo cause I broke my ankle at broken bells before seeing him at coachella last year
    2. Nicolas Jaar- such a talented musician and complex artist that truly pushes boundaries
    3. D’angelo- simply because he has the voice of an angel
    4. Purity Ring- always been a huge fan of their music growing up
    5. FKA Twigs- everyone keeps telling me how amazing she is live
    And sooooo many more if I win this amazing opportunity best of luck to everyone

  101. carlos j. ruiz iii

    in no particular order – run the jewels, frank ocean, toro y moi, death grips & fka twigs are the homies i’d love to see this summer. many thx…

  102. Natalie Sanden

    1. Girlpool – badass babes and can’t stop spinning ‘Before The World Was Big’
    2. Mac DeMarco – want to touch his butt while he crowd surfs (also he makes the best crowd surf face)
    3. MOZ – gotta see this diva someday
    4. Neon Indian – because I wanna dance to Annie
    5. Joyce Manor – i want a heart tattoo

  103. Leslie Estrada

    1. Bloc Party – so I can party like it’s 2005 once more.
    2. Deerhunter – because I love Bradford Cox so much.
    3. Morrissey – because he’s a legend and apparently all latinos love him, so I should too.
    4. FKA Twigs – because she is a beautiful goddess and makes gorgeous music.
    5. Toro Y Moi – I wanna dance, and because I missed his show by falling down a flight of stairs at the Fonda a few months back. 🙁

    Thanks Grimy Goods, you guys are the best.

  104. Brandon

    Maybe I will finally have my chance to see D’angelo, Horse Meat Disco, Badbadnotgood, J&MC, Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

    My friend passed out right before Jesus & Mary Chain went on at Coachella and I had to take her to the medical tent. This would be awesome redemption!

  105. Julie Diaz

    I would love to see Belle & Sebastian, Title Fight, Frank Ocean, Morrissey and Joyce Manor!

  106. Carolina Bautista

    The five acts I am looking forward to seeing the most Bloc Party, Neon Indian, The Drums, Flume and the one and only Morrissey.
    Ps. And the rest of lineup.

  107. Chrissy Katsiyiannis

    1. Morrissey
    2. Melody’s Echo Chamber
    3. La Femme
    4. FKA Twigs
    5. Mac DeMarco

  108. Cole De Coursey

    Here’s my list of the 5 artists I’d want to see the most:

    1. Metz – because every time they come to L.A. I seem to miss out
    2. La Femme – cause France is tight
    3. Purity Ring – cause all I’ve ever wanted to do is dance
    4. Alvvays – cause Molly Rankin is a genius and I want to lock eyes with her once in my life. Or share a bag of shitty airplane pretzels with her
    5. Bloc Party – cause nostalgia
    6. lil b

  109. AlyJane

    1. Frank Ocean!!!! (can I haz the new record yet??)
    2. Chet Faker
    3. Run The Jewels
    4. Mac DeMarco
    5. Spiritualized

  110. nicholas peruzzi

    will fest out hard to: (1) cold cave (2) bloc party (3) belle & sebastian (4) battles (5) solange

  111. Erika Schaller

    I’m looking forward to Chet Faker, Purity Ring, Shlohmo, Flume, and NIicolas Jaar!

  112. Wilbert Ortiz


  113. Alejandro Flores

    Im trying to see
    ▓▓▓▓MAC DEMARCO▓▓▓▓▓

  114. Erika Schaller

    I’m looking forward to Chet Faker, Purity Ring, Shlohmo, Flume, and NIicolas Jaar!

  115. Krystal Puma

    1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra because Multi Love has been my favorite album of 2015
    2. Solange because she puts on a fun funky show
    3. Toro Y Moi because TORO Y MOI
    4. BADBADNOTGOOD – I hear they put on an awesome show
    5. D’Angelo duh.

    P.s. The text is a little funky. The date says winner must “email by 10 AM Monday, July 17” Oops!


  116. Franchesco Ramos

    1.Death Grips – I might never see them perform again
    2. Frank Ocean – This fool has been hiding for like 3 years
    3. BADBADNOTGOOD – They had the best show I’ve ever seen last year
    4. Savages – Bad ass women rocking some bad ass punk
    5. FKA – I keep missing the chance to see her every time

  117. Andrea

    The 5 acts I would love to see at FYF are:
    D’Angelo, Morrissey, Flume, Frank Ocean and Chet Faker

  118. Anthony Cali

    This is easy, the tough part are the actual schedule conflicts… Frank Ocean, Toro y Moi, Run the Jewels, FKA Twigs & Shlomo!

  119. Deanna Diaz

    Here are some of the top music acts I can’t wait to see:
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Bloc Party
    Frank Ocean*

    + sooo many more!!! <3

    *a given 😛

  120. MaribeL Madrigal

    I would love to see Spiritualized,The Jesus and Mary Chain, Goldroom, Nicolas Jaar, and Neon Indian!!!

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