The Mud Howlers and Flames of Durga rock the Satellite out of orbit

The Mud Howlers
The Mud Howlers

Thursday night, The Satellite played host to a bill that featured a couple up-and-coming bands with different styles.

Kicking things off was LA-based trio Flames of Durga, the brainchild of identical sisters Cecilia and Beah Romero along with drummer Nate Million.

If you’re a fan of fellow LA-rockers Deap Vally, this band is right up your alley (rhyme not intended). The vocal layering of the Romero sisters adds depth to their sort-of punk-meets-‘80s-hair-band sound. They have a kind of synchronized stage presence, often headbanging in unison as they ripped through songs like “Walking Corruption.”

Flames of Durga
Flames of Durga

Closing out the night were The Mud Howlers from Sonora, Mexico. If you’ve ever seen the film Almost Famous, this band has a sound similar to that of the fictitious band Stillwater – lots of groovy guitar licks and classic rock vibes.

The psychedelic sound the band possesses is quite riveting. At times, the vocals from lead man Nathan resembled those of Aussie rock band Jet’s lead guy, but with a much more throwback sound backing them.

The Mud Howlers just wrapped up a couple dates in LA before they head back to Mexico, but they told me they were hopeful they can move out this way sometime soon. Check them out as well as Flames of Durga next time they’re playing at a venue near you.

Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photography: Wes Marsala

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