Kevin Morby brings early-afternoon feels to FYF Fest

Kevin Morby fyf fest 2015 photos

“Is everyone hot? That’s good. Sometimes it’s good to be hot,” Kevin Morby said as he began his early FYF Fest set on Saturday.

Morby and his band brought the folk rock jams to a crowd that was quite receptive. Morby’s got that sound that suggests he’d fit right in on a soundtrack to a Zach Braff-produced soundtrack. There’s a Bob Dylan vibe to his music that fits right into the aesthetic FYF Fest has become known for, and he’s sort of the American answer to Canada’s Mac DeMarco in some ways.

The chill vibes were all around as Morby brought the tunes to a crowd that grew in size as the set progressed. Despite a sound that’s on the quieter side, Morby held the crowd’s attention from what I could see. You’ll definitely want to catch him in a more intimate setting when he comes back around to LA again.

Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photography: Wes Marsala

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