Kate Nash shakes the Echo’s ‘Foundations’ with killer set

kate nash

Thursday at the Echo was the fourth time I’ve seen Kate Nash perform live and I have zero shame in that.

Though she’s known by most for the pop album she released eight years ago Made of Bricks, Nash has evolved as a musician into something entirely different altogether. She’s fused her catchy pop lyrics with rock ‘n’ roll and has an extremely talented band behind her that gives her even more credibility as a punk rock princess.

Donning a camouflage jacket at the start of her set, Nash jumped right into “Sister,” easily one of the most rocking tunes the British singer has written. The intensity of that song would be consistent throughout the rest of the show.

A few songs in and Nash ditched the jacket as the sweltering heat began to build inside the tiny confines of the Echo. She kept the energy high with songs off her second and third albums like “Death Proof” and “Do-Wah-Do,” two songs that show just how adept Nash has gotten at mixing gritty punk sounds with pop lyrics.

kate nash echo

During the final breakdown of “OMYGOD,” Nash sped up the chorus and danced like a wind-up toy before ending up on her back and finishing off the song. Nash needed a few moments to collect herself after the amount of energy she expended.

“Mouthwash” was the first song from her debut album that Nash would play and she’s adapted it from the keyboard ballad it used to be into a song that benefits from the talented band she’s assembled around her: guitarist Linda Buratto, bassist Emma Hughes and drummer Alicia Warrington.

Nash played a handful of new tracks, including one titled “Life in Pink” that had a catchy late ’90s pop feel to it, the guitar riff reminding me of that one-hit wonder “Story of a Girl” by Nine Days.

Nash sent the venue into hysteria when she played “Foundations,” the song that transformed the then-teenager into a major pop star on both sides of the Atlantic. She had again adapted the keyboard-based song into a more rocking tune and this was one of many that featured a crowd singalong.

Kate Nash

Nash and her band have a certain charisma and fire on stage that is magnetic. They repurposed Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” and FIDLAR’s “Cocaine” into a song called “Girl Gang,” as Nash is a stout feminist who has launched a meet up group in her recent times spent living in Los Angeles. The guitar work from Buratto on this song in particular was memorable and she’s quite gifted on the axe in general.

Nash would finish her set with the song “Underestimate the Girl,” which almost has a ’90s grunge vibe to it. Half the audience joined Nash on stage towards the end as Buratto kept things going on the guitar and Nash rocked out nearby. It was a fitting end to the set and a good precursor to Saturday’s Burger-a-go-go, which Nash is on the bill for.

Setting the stage for Nash was two-piece Slutever had an early Nirvana meets blink-182 vibe to them during their set. The vocals were a little rough, but it was impressive nonetheless, especially given the fact it was their first show.

The opening band The Regrettes is comprised of teenagers, I believe they are 14 or 15-years-old. Towards the end of their set, they were magically joined on stage by the infamous Peaches, who will be headlining a show in November at The Echo that The Regrettes will be opening for her at. Opening for Kate Nash and Peaches in a span of a few months is something to humble brag about during homeroom period, for sure.

Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photos: Wes Marsala



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